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CFL Player Discipline: Incidents Involving Williams, Calver, Coleman III, Mauldin IV, and Brissett

Devonte Williams’ Chop Block Infraction

The CFL has imposed a financial penalty on Ottawa REDBLACKS running back Devonte Williams following a chop block incident. This manoeuvre, which occurred against Toronto Argonauts defensive back Robert Priester, is considered a serious violation of player safety regulations. Such blocks involve a player hitting an opponent around the knee area while they are engaged with another player, increasing the risk of injury.

Brandon Calver’s Sideline Altercation

In another disciplinary action, Toronto Argonauts linebacker Brandon Calver has been fined for his conduct away from the play. The infraction occurred when Calver left the bench area and became involved in an altercation with opposing players. This incident falls outside the realm of typical on-field confrontations, meriting a distinct note of censure from the league.

The Coleman III, Mauldin IV, and Brissett Altercation

Further disciplinary measures were announced against Ottawa REDBLACKS defensive back Douglas Coleman III, defensive lineman Lorenzo Mauldin IV, and Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Dejon Brissett. The trio has been penalized for their involvement in a non-football altercation. Such incidents contravene the sportsmanship standards upheld by the CFL, prompting the fines as a reprimand for their actions.

The CFL has not disclosed the specific amounts of the fines, adhering to the league’s policy on privacy regarding disciplinary financial measures. These penalties underscore the CFL’s commitment to maintaining a professional and sportsmanlike environment on and off the field.

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