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COVID Regulations in Ontario could affect 108th Grey Cup

With the Covid-19 Safety regulations in place, it would seem that these precautions could affect the 108th Grey Cup which is hosted in Ontario.

According to TSN’s Dave Naylor, the restrictions would limit outdoor crowds to 15,000 and indoor events to only 1,000 members.

Right now the league’s position is they are commited to holding the Grey Cup on December 12th in Hamilton, even if the restrictions are in place.

Dave Naylor, TSN

With new regulations on the vaccine rolling out on Wednesday, Hamilton will be looking to get a similar deal that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers received known as the “Manitoba Deal. This would allow Ontario to fill up their stadiums as long as each attendee can provide proof of vaccination. As of right now, the league has no concerns about a potential lock-down, which could effectively remove any and all fans.

No matter it appears the league will go through with the Grey Cup, even if it means limited capacity.

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