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Economic Triumph: The 110th Grey Cup & Festival’s $75 Million Impact

3 Key Points
– Generated $73.5 million in economic activity across Canada.
– Supported 310 local jobs, contributing $18.4 million in wages.
– Attracted 33,835 out-of-town visitors, promoting regional activities.

The Economic Footprint of Canada’s Premier Football Celebration

Sport Tourism Canada (STC) recently revealed that the 110th Grey Cup and its associated 2023 festival spurred a notable surge in economic activity, totaling over $73.5 million across Canada. The research indicates a direct GDP contribution of $41.9 million, with Ontario and the City of Hamilton benefiting significantly.

“The 110th Grey Cup in Hamilton and the 2023 Grey Cup Festival set a new standard of excellence for how Canada’s biggest football game should be delivered. These numbers show that regionalizing the festivities not only supported local economies in both Hamilton and the Niagara region, but they also offered a better experience for fans who travelled from all across Canada.”
​– Neil Lumsden, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The week-long festivities, including the championship game, witnessed a combined attendance of 223,216. Out-of-town visitors, numbering 33,835, spent an average of 3.4 days in Hamilton, significantly boosting local spending by approximately $20.8 million.

Festival Highlights and Regional Integration

This year’s Grey Cup Festival was unprecedented in its regional reach, with 42 events in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Notably, the music festival featured Carrie Underwood and Shaggy, alongside 45 local acts, deepening the celebration’s community integration and cultural representation. Events like the Santa Claus Parade and the Around the Bay Race further enriched the festival atmosphere.

The economic impact report, facilitated by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the CFL, employed the STEAMPRO model for a comprehensive assessment. This data underscores the festival’s substantial contributions to local GDP, employment, and overall economic vitality.

Impressive Attendance and Media Impact

The event’s broad appeal was evident with a significant TV audience, as 8.9 million Canadians tuned in, marking a 9% increase over the previous year. On-site, the event was supported by 800 volunteers and covered by 245 accredited media members, reflecting its status as a major sporting occasion in Canada.

The Grey Cup festivities not only showcased Hamilton’s capacity for hosting major events but also spotlighted the CFL’s ongoing commitment to fostering community spirit and economic growth. The festival’s success lays a strong foundation for future Grey Cups and highlights the enduring appeal and impact of Canadian football across the nation.

Key Findings

  • $61.5 million in overall economic activity within the province of Ontario
  • 310 local jobs were supported by the event, resulting in $18.4 million in wages and salaries for members of the Hamilton community and the surrounding region
  • 64 per cent of the 1,151 surveyed attendees indicated that the Grey Cup was their sole reason for visiting Hamilton
  • 42 per cent of attendees traveled to Hamilton from outside of Ontario

110TH Grey Cup At A Glance

  • One of the biggest television events in Canada in 2023 with 8.9 million Canadians tuning in for part of the Grey Cup on TSN and RDS – an increase of nine per cent over last year
  • 800 volunteers who supported in the planning and delivery of Grey Cup Week
  • 245 accredited media members provided coverage during the Grey Cup championship, Grey Cup Week and the Grey Cup Festival
  • Approximately 11,400 editorial mentions from November 11-20 during Grey Cup Week, reaching a total of 6.5 billion people and resulting in a total Advertising Value Equivalency of US$60.1 million
  • Year-over-year, interactions across all CFL social media channels increased by an average of 35 per cent per post during Grey Cup Week
  • Higher consumption of CFL digital content, including increases in total YouTube views (+50 per cent), views per video (+45 per cent) and page views (+40 per cent) as compared to the 109th Grey Cup

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