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Edmonton At Winnipeg; Will It Matter? You Bet It Will!

The Edmonton Elks will come to Winnipeg on Saturday October 21, which is set to be a nice day for late October. Yet, with the Lions playing the Friday night before the question is “Will this game matter?”

Should BC lose at home to Calgary (Calgary is still trying to clinch a playoff spot) then Winnipeg would not be catchable by BC and Winnipeg would host the Western Final on November 11. For a number of weeks I have written about what it will take for Winnipeg to clinch first in the West. I have also suggested that BC winning last week while Winnipeg was on a bye was not a terrible thing.

It goes without saying that if BC wins vs. Calgary then the Bomber vs. Elks game takes on a huge significance for Winnipeg; they would still need to win one of their last two games to host the Western Final. However, even if BC does beat Calgary on Friday night, the Bombers game vs. the Elks will matter.

That game will certainly matter for the Elks who will be evaluating who they bring back next year. It will matter for their number one quarterback, Ford, who has played well against the Bombers. Ford will be looking either for a contract extension in 2024 or to head to a team desperately needing a quarterback; and there are a few teams like that.

But the game will matter for Winnipeg as well. All season Winnipeg has struggled against lesser opponents; that is not how you want to go into the playoffs. The game will matter for the Bombers as they try and get Grant going again on the returns. The game will matter because Winnipeg might need to figure out who they are bringing in for Schoen; rumor has it he might be out for the year – and the Bombers already released Agudosi.

This game will also matter to Noah Hallett, who was signed to the Bomber’s practice roster on October 17, 2023. Hallett had previously been with the Bombers but was released during the 2023 training camp when he did not pass his physical.

So while the standings may or may not be be determined after Friday’s Calgary vs BC game, the Bombers’ game on Saturday will be anything but meaningless.

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