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Truth Bombs: BC Winning Is Not Terrible For Winnipeg!

Yes, BC vs Hamilton was a big game! And yes, if Hamilton would have beat BC (in a wildly entertaining game) Winnipeg would have been guaranteed to host the Western Final…I know, I wrote about that.

Still for Winnipeg they control their destiny. Their “magic number” is 1. 1 win by Winnipeg or 1 loss by BC and Winnipeg hosts the Western Final. S how is it not terrible for Winnipeg that BC won? Let me tell you.

Teams always want to go into the playoffs playing their best football. Winnipeg will have to keep their feet on the gas to host the Western Final. Winnipeg next plays Edmonton at Winnipeg. Most fans look at this game and think that it is a guaranteed win for Winnipeg. But nothing is guaranteed in the CFL.

So while Winnipeg should be heavy favorites when the host Edmonton, Winnipeg will need to play their best ball to win…and that is not a bad thing. Having to play your best football at the end of the year is important. First of all, when players play tentatively they are more likely to get hurt. Also, when you have to play your best football at the end of the season you combat mediocrity. Winnipeg has show this year that they are susceptible to losing against team that they should have beat. Had BC beaten Hamilton, one has to wonder what type of effort the Bombers would bring vs. Edmonton.

However, that question is now off the board. Winnipeg knows that they must win this upcoming game to seal their fate! They took a step forward to that last game when they came back and beat BC in overtime. You never want to go into the playoffs with loses. Even if you have your spot locked up, loses create bad habits, and bad habits cause you to lose in the playoffs! Add to the fact that Edmonton players will be playing for a job in 2024; and Ford will be playing for a contract extension, I expect them to come out hungry.

So while Winnipeg fans would have loved for Hamilton to have beaten BC, it is not bad news that Winnipeg now must play their best football against Edmonton; a team that is out of the running!

Just look at what Edmonton did to Montreal; a very similar situation between what Edmonton will face when they come into Winnipeg! Also, look how Montreal looked completely unfocused that game early on. Now, Montreal did get it together; but Winnipeg should not envy playing from behind. If anything Winnipeg should learn from the Montreal at Edmonton game is this; keep running that ball! Edmonton did stop the run at times but certainly did not stop it majorly.

So the Bombers should go into their next game fully out; win, and secure hosting the Western Final.

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