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Edmonton Elks Are Only Heading in Right Direction, Who Is Signed For 2023 Season 

With the 2022 CFL season concluded, we look at how the Edmonton Elks are heading in the right direction with some players that are signed going into the 2023 season. 

The only positive when you’re a team that does not punch a ticket to the postseason is that you can be aggressive in resigning your core players from the 2022 Edmonton Elks roster prior to free agency. 

With that said, let us dive in on some roster players that will be with the Edmonton Elks in 2023.  


Taylor Cornelius, Quarterback (American)  

Tre Ford, Quarterback (National) 

Kai Locksley, Quarterback (American) 

Mike Beaudry, Quarterback (National) 

Why does this work? 

Simply put, you have a set of quarterbacks now that will gain another year of pro football experience.  

Just about quarterback minus Mike Beaudry, had taken some snaps on a regular basis in 2022 due to various reasons of inconsistent play, and more notably a stockpile of injuries to the 2022 Edmonton Elks roster. 

As injuries are inevitable, you also have Taylor Cornelius who has made some great strides in 2022 and will only get better.  

For Tre Ford, the butterflies are out, and he will be calmer and cooler with the speed of pro football. He gained valuable experience in playing a partial season due to coming in for injury relief before being injured himself. 

With Kai Locksley, you have a versatile player that was a key figure in the passing game as he can also play Wide Receiver, along with coming in at Quarterback on short yardage plays along with some starts. 

Running Backs 

Kevin Brown (American) 

James Wilder Jr (American) 

Tanner Green (National) 

Why does this work? 

Unfortunately for James Wilder Jr, he suffered a neck injury in week 3 and he would be absent from the roster for the remainder of the season. From that point on, the running game was nowhere to be found 2022 until the later part of the 2022 season. 

The Edmonton Elks would sign Kevin Brown who looked pretty impressive in the offence as it seemed to be a more balanced attack. 

In order to be consistent in 2023, the Elk’s running game will have to be effective to have any success. Having Wilder Jr and Brown could be a great 1-2 punch for the Elk’s offence in 2023.  

Tanner Green could also see some action and gain more experience in giving both Wilder Jr and Brown some much-needed rest in between drives. 

However, The Elks should not overlook Ante Litre. He will be needed in short-yardage and blocking schemes. He also has a good set of hands which will benefit the Elks. Hopefully, he will be signed with the Elks for the 2023 season.  


Dillon Mitchell (American). 

Derel Walker (American). 

Vincent Forbes-Mombleau (National) 

Gavin Cobb (National) 

Nih-Jer Jackson (American) 

Rapheal Leonard (American) 

Why does this work? 

Dillion Michell was another late-season signing like Kevin Brown. And just like Kevin Brown, Dillion Mitchell displayed his talents on the field in the latter part of the 2022 season. Mix this up with a veteran in Derel Walker, along with a lot of young roster players at Wide Receiver / Slot Back, you will add a lot more depth when needed. 

When Kenny Lawler signed a 1-year $300,000 contract in 2022, the Elks needed a game-changer and a shot in the arm for the offence. If they can come to a 2-year term with Kenny Lawler, it will only benefit the offensive growth in 2023 and 2024. 

The Elks should not overlook Danny Vandervoort. Although he was seldom used, he showed a sign and had the game of his life in the last game of the season. 

As the signings will continue internally, let’s see what the Elks will do when free agency comes to fruition in February 2023. 

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