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Edmonton Elks Need to Win Against Ottawa Redblacks

The Edmonton Elks find themselves in a battle for the basement in a two game back-to-back series against the Ottawa Redblacks. Both teams go into the two game home-and-home series on August 19 (In Ottawa) and August 27 (in Edmonton) with seven losses, and are desperate for wins. The Saturday, August 27 home game for the Elks might be their best chance this season to break their 1,000 + day home losing streak. The streak has to come to an end sometime, and there might not be a better chance than the final regular season game in the month of August for the Elks.

Elks Receive Bad News with James Wilder Jr. Injury

Veteran Elks running back James Wilder Jr. announced his 2022 season is over as he awaits spinal surgery.

The surgery could be career ending and fans of the talented running back are hoping he can bounce back. We want to wish him well, as this will not be an easy journey for Wilder Jr.

Could the Elks Bring Chuba Hubbard Home in the Future?

If Wilder Jr. is unable to return to the Elks line up next season, should the team go after Sherwood Park’s Chuba Hubbard? After listening to ESPN radio and various NFL pundits talk glowingly about the prospects for the Carolina Panthers 2022 NFL season, rarely is Hubbard’s name mentioned. The Panthers off season news has been dominated by the acquisition of Baker Mayfield, and the health of Christian McCaffery. At times, it seems like Hubbard is almost invisible with just a few mentions here and there. But based on Hubbard’s outstanding performance in College at Oklahoma State, you have to believe he deserves more press than he’s getting. The NFL can be a fickle league sometimes. Just ask Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Dieter Brock and Ricky Ray.

If Hubbard is unable to make the big breakthrough that he’s capable of in the NFL, or even get the opportunity to show his talents off down south, would he consider coming home? The Calgary Stampeders currently hold Hubbard’s CFL rights after drafting him in the 5th round of the 2021 CFL Draft. Would there be a long shot possibility that the Elks bring Hubbard home, especially if Wilder Jr. doesn’t come back from spinal surgery? Hubbard, would definitely help the Elks marketing efforts as the hometown kid would be welcomed back into the community with open arms.

Elks Still Need Help Putting Fans in the Stands

During the Edmonton Elks August 13 home loss against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, you couldn’t help but notice the amount of empty seats in Commonwealth Stadium. It was a beautiful night for football weather wise with the temperature hitting close to +30 c. so weather definitely wasn’t an excuse for the low numbers, especially with the Riders in town.

Hopefully for the Elks and their management, a win or possible sweep against Ottawa would help add a few more fans in the stands. Winning is probably the biggest marketing asset a team can have in the CFL or any league for that matter, just ask the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who are leading the CFL in wins and attendance so far in 2022. As the Elks keep working on improving their roster, and wait for final NFL cuts to come down, you have to hope they can put some more wins together in the 2022 CFL season. If not, it could be a long fall season for a fan base hungry for success.

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