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Fajardo Ready To Load Up The Pressure This Season—Riders Re-Sign Tevin Jones—CFL Reschedules Riders Vs. Elks

With the CFL 2022 Season kickoff approaching, teams seem to be making a few last minute additions and/or preparations before heading into training camp. The Riders are scheduled to head into training camp as of May 15th, as per TSN.

And as for a few additions, Tevin Jones, who was previously signed to the team and even before the 2021 Season, will be making a return. He never attended training camp and was subsequently released the first time he was with the team.

The former NFL player who had stops in Houston, Dallas, and even played 5 games for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has officially been re-signed by the Riders, reports

News of the 29 year old receiver’s joining the team was announced by the team on Thursday.

Fajardo ready to lead the team to a Grey Cup victory

With fatherhood just looming around the corner for the Riders QB, he seems to be all fired up not only for that role, but his role as QB as well. He made some bold statements to the press regarding the upcoming season and what it means to him – specifically speaking to The Green Zone’s Jamie Nye and Drew Remenda – as reports. Here is some of what he said:

“The motivation going into this year is winning that Grey Cup so my son can have an awesome baby picture in the Grey Cup…I think it’s going to make me hopefully a better quarterback too, where you’re not trying to be the perfect quarterback every time…

You’re just kind of going off your gut feel and I think that’s going to pay dividends for me — I hope, at least…This year’s going to be pressure-packed…Not only have we lost to Winnipeg in the West final in back-to-back years, (but also) I’m in a contract year, the Grey Cup’s in Sask…

I’m having a baby mid-season. It’s like, ‘Throw it all on me this year and let’s see what happens at the end of the year.’ ”

via CJME

He also had a few things to say regarding last season:

“I learned a lot…I learned it’s never as big as it is and it’s never as small as it really is. It’s kind of that happy medium.

Looking back on the season, there were some things. I tried to do too much because we had a young team after getting plagued with some injuries. I remember looking around and offensively, halfway through the year, we had four starters that played in the 2019 West final starting in one game…

I tried to take it upon myself and do too much. Anytime you do that as a quarterback, your play falters a little bit and when you try to be perfect, the little things become a little bit more challenging.”

via (link above)

Well, the term fired up seems miniscule judging by those above comments. He certainly seems roaring to go and all eyes should be on the Riders’ first game of the season.

Game between Elks and Riders to be moved

It was originally scheduled that the Elks were to host a game vs. the Riders on August 14th, yet now that game has been rescheduled for a day earlier, as Global News reports. Other games and exhibitions were also postponed.

No reason was given for the postponements or rather rescheduling as of this writing, but the game is now scheduled to start at 10 pm EST on the 13th.

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