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Game Ball & Jock: Week 11 Winnipeg At Calgary

If you have read this segment before you know that I usually lay out a number of statistics and scenarios before I give out the prestigous weekly awards. However, this week we will just jump right into it.

On Friday August 18 the Bombers played a game in Calgary that largely can be described as a “snooze fest,” – unless you love watching field goals being kicked!

Winnipeg would come out of that game with a 19-18 win putting them 8-2 on the season. The reality is that Winnipeg was playing their back up quarterback, Dru Brown, and Bomber fans are just happy that they came away with the win.

While some people were crowning Dru Brown the next franchise quarterback for a team in need for the 2024 season, after he came in for Collaros a week ago, I was not jumping on that bandwagon. Instead I took the same approach as I did with other young quarterback getting their first start; these men can be good once but are not always consistent. Therefore, unlike last week, Dru Brown will not be getting the Game Ball.

Game Ball

Cutting straight to the point, Demerio Houston gets the game ball for picking off Jake Maier and taking it to the house! That would be the only touchdown in the game and provide the 1 point differential – between traded field goals – in order to win.


Had the Bombers lost the Jock was going to go to Adam Bighill. Normally not in contention for this award, Bighill made a bad choice in the game that could have coast the Bombers. Uncharacteristically, with the game in the balance, Adam Bighill took an unnecessary and obvious pass interference penalty.

However, Bighill was bailed out by the Calgary coaching staff later in the game – and therefore did not win the award. Instead the Jock goes to the Calgary coaching staff for calling a time out instead of taking a time count violation. This decision was in the fourth quarter and used Calgary’s last time out. Using that time out also meant that Calgary would have no challenges left for the remainder of the game…a game that was close where a challenge may be needed.

What made that call even more egregious was the fact that Calgary was at 2nd and 8; not a high rate of success with that down and distance – likely resulting in a punt. A time count violation would have made it 2nd and 13…still likely a punting outcome. Furthermore, the ensuing play was an incomplete pass; and using the timeout was simply wasting a timeout.

For not managing your time outs and keeping a challenge in the back pocket in a very close game, Calgary coaching staff you get the Jock.

Who would you have given the Game Ball & Jock to? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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