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Down 22, Zach Injured AND Bombers Win! Game Ball & Jock

Would anyone have seen the Bombers being down by 22 points in the first half against the Elks? While I could not say that I called it, I did say the following, “On the Elks side of the ball I will be looking to see if they can shut down the Bomber’s run like Ottawa did. If they can the Bombers will be in for a long night! I will also be watching to see if the Elks are able to utilize a quick strike offence like the Bombers did in their last game against BC.” Sometimes you hope you are wrong, and Friday night was one of those moments.

It in fact was a wild game, where the Elks found yet another way to lose and the Bombers proved that “Regardless Of How They Are Winning The Bombers Are Still Elite!” The Bombers also proved again that the “Bombers Prove They Are Not Only Good On Paper But Also On The Field!” When a team is only good on paper we look at them and think, “They should be able to come back from a 22-0 deficit.” When a team is not just good on paper, but good on the field they do overcome a 22 point deficit.

Unfortunately, for the Elks that means their historic losing streak continues and their home losing streak is now 22 games!

Much like last week, many Game Balls could be handed out! While the game was different in the making, what was the same was that in the end many Bombers’ performed very well!

What should really jump of the page for you is the quarterback play. While Tre Ford had the whole bye week to prepare for the game, Dru Brown had about 2 minutes. Sure Dru was in practice all week but he was not taking first team reps. I do not think I would believe any Bomber fan that said after the Bombers went down by 22 and Zach Collaros got injured that they expected the Bombers to win.

Yet, with Dru Brown at the helm, that is exactly what happened! I expected Dru would throw come in and do ok. I thought he would put up some points, but I also thought he would make enough mistakes including some interceptions, to lose the game.

Or how about the work from Brady Oliveira and Nic Demski running the ball?

You know a quarterback, in this case Dru Brown, is performing well when he spreads the ball around. We have seen many quarterbacks come of the bench and only find chemistry with one or two players…not so here!

Some love has to also go out to the Bombers’ defense. They started off terribly allowing two big plays for two touchdowns early. One had to wonder if the “age” conversation was going to start again. yet, the Bombers’ defense put that conversation to rest…at least for now.

Game Ball

So who would you give the Game Ball to? Do you like Kenny Lawler with his ridiculous one handed touchdown catch that has to be up for Catch of The Year? How about Schoen reeling some catches in? What about Oliveira taking control of the game and the clock? Or do you have to give it to Dru Brown who came in and scored 38 points? Could it possibly be the Bombers’ defense that after their atrocious start held Edmonton to 14 points…and no points in the fourth quarter?
Before you decide, make sure to watch the highlights one more time!

As for me, I have to give the Game Ball to Dru Brown! Coming in off the bench, going 17/24, putting up 307 yards with 4 touchdowns and only 1 interception to not only outshine Tre Ford (who ended the game going 12/16 for 18 yards throwing 1 touchdown and 1 interception) but to bring the Bombers back from being in the history books for all the wrong reasons (the team the Elks finally beat at home), Brown you get my Game Ball!

I will keep this short and simple. Kony Ealy, for your late hit on Zach Collaros which took him out of the game, you should get the Jock…but you do not! The Command Center saved you! For showing that you do not want to protect quarterbacks in a quarterback driven league, for not overturning the call after a Mike O’Shea challenge, for not giving a good explanation as to why the call was not reversed and called “roughing the passer,” for showing that players can take liberties on quarterbacks, for essentially watching no games this year and seeing what happens to teams when quarterbacks are injured, for not having a clue how many number one quarterbacks are not playing due to injury, for not doing the very things that the Command Center are created to do…Command Center, you get the Jock!

What did I get right, what did I get wrong? Let me know in the comments section wherever you r reading this!

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ron Cruickshank

    August 12, 2023 at 11:26 am

    Agreed. However it was another slow start for the Bomber D struggling to contain a running QB. Dru’s consistency in coming off the bench in itself is not surprising to Bomber fans, but his systematic drive to repeatedly score was impressive and the team responded. Ford also impressed me but the Elks just don’t have the same number of quality receivers. Finally, the non-call by the Command Centre was terrible. Who are they trying to protect? What do they think their job is? Ridiculous!

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