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Week 10: Bombers At Elks – Does The Historic Losing Streak Continue?

Ask anyone with the Elks (players, coaches, fans) and they really want everyone to stop taking about the Elks historic home losing streak. The Elks have the dubious honor of holding the longest home losing streak out of any of the 4 professional north American leagues. This losing streak now spans from 2019 – current. The losing streak is so bad that when describing it one has to ask, “Do you want to know the timeline in days, months, or years?” To be fair, the 2020 CFL season was canceled.

Yet, you have to believe that the Elks will win at some point in time and any team, including the Bombers, that take the game for granted, may also go down in the history books as the team the Elks beat to finally end their home losing streak. Bombers beware.

What To Watch For

I will be watching to see how the Bombers handle the Elks starting quarterback this week -Tre Ford. The Elks moved away from Taylor Cornelius – at least to start the game. With Chris Jones calling the shots, you never really know what to expect. Assuming Tre Ford plays most of the game I will be watching to see how the Bombers handle another running quarterback. Will they spy him? I do not think so. Instead I expect their initial game plan will pressure/blitz heavy with sound defensive assignments.

You will recall that Dustin Crum gave the Bombers issues as a running quarterback. Previous to that game I also said, “I know what the critics are saying, “Come on! Ottawa is starting another new quarterback!” Hey, I hear you, but I have been watching this league long enough to tell you that it is not unusual for a quarterback getting their first start to get a win. The rest of their season might stink, but it is that first game where I have seen new quarterbacks play above their future potential.” And “I also predict that Dustin Crum will either be the Redblacks leading rusher or second on that list for this upcoming game.” – source.

It will be interesting to see what level of intensity and execution the Bombers come out with against a dismal Elks’ team. Do they come out and play down to the level of their opponent, or do they capitalize on everything that went right last game and look to put up another “Walby Burger” of a score?

On the Elks side of the ball I will be looking to see if they can shut down the Bomber’s run like Ottawa did. If they can the Bombers will be in for a long night! I will also be watching to see if the Elks are able to utilize a quick strike offence like the Bombers did in their last game against BC.

Will the Bombers some how find a way to make their return game successful with Grant still missing? And, finally I want to see how determined Kenny Lawler is to stick it to his old team, the Elks! Could he go off for another 200+ yard game?

We are not going to have to wait long to find out the answers to all those questions!

Elks’ Depth Chart

Bombers’ Depth Chart

What will you be watching for?

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