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Happy Birthday Canada! Preview: Bombers At Alouettes

My one regret heading into this game is that Rod Black has retired…I know for sure he would have stated off the broadcast with “Happy Birthday Canada!” We will have to see if whoever is calling the Bomber’s game can match that enthusiastic intro.

Television broadcast introduction aside, this game shapes up to be an entertaining one. Montreal is 2-0, beating both Ottawa and Hamilton, and the Bombers sit at 2-1 after an embarrassing loss to BC. Winnipeg also comes into the game having made some roster moves, letting go of Pigrome and bringing back Dakota Prukop.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Depth Chart

Fans will notice two “GTD” game time decisions on the Bomber’s offensive side of the ball. From what I have heard, Demski is not injured but rather him and partner are expecting. If Demski does not play then Agudosi will take his spot. Kenny Lawler, is still working out his legal issues.

On the defensive side of the ball fans will be pleased to see that Jeffcoat is back – his interview with the media. But the reality is this; even if Lawler and Jeffcoat were playing last week against BC if the Bombers played the way they did they still would have got spanked!

Jeffcoat needs to find a way to stay healthy if he wants to stick around the CFL. The Bombers took him off the 6 Game Injured List early – a move that teams can only do twice in a season. So the Bombers are betting on Jeffcoat.

Winnipeg’s offensive line is going to need to play a lot better! Allowing Zach Collaros to be sacked 7 times is neither good for Zach’s career nor the Bombers’ hopes of winning a game let alone another Grey Cup. I’ll be looking for the Bombers offensive line to play a lot better. One guy they better be watching is Montreal’s Kabion Ento who had a massive 11 tackles for a loss against Hamilton, last week!

I fully expect that when it comes to the battle between the two players from Steubenville – Zach Collaros and Alouettes defensive back Najee Murray – that the Bombers keep Collaros clean and on his feet. Zach will be able to help his cause if he can roll out when pressure comes – something he was unable to do last game.

On the defensive side of the ball the Bombers are going to need to do a better job of getting after the quarterback. This week the Bombers face a guy they know very well, Montreal’s quarterback Cody Fajardo. While Fajardo may not be wearing green this year, Bomber fans will want to see them knock him around as is he were still in Saskatchewan.

Montreal Alouettes

“Head coach Jason Maas will be forced to make some changes heading into Saturday night’s contest.

On offence, the Als will be without receiver Keshunn Abram, who has been placed on the six-game injured list with a knee injury. Left guard Pier-Olivier Lestage, who is dealing with a back injury, will also be forced to sit out on Saturday night.

A pair of Canadian veterans will take their place in the lineup, as Jake Harty will start for Abram, while Phil Gagnon will be in for Lestage.” – source Montreal Alouettes

While the Bombers appear to be stacked with offensive weapons, they only scored 6 points off of 2 field goals last week. The Bombers will now be facing a team who’s defense has not yet allowed a touchdown. If the Bombers struggle offensively this week serious questions will boil to the surface.


It is very hard to bet against Winnipeg even after last week. The Bombers know and have gotten the better of Fajardo many time in the last years. Jason Mass is Montreal’s knew Head Coach which is really ironic since their previous Head Coach Kahari Jones was fired for the team’s “discipline” issues – in his coaching career Jason Mass has been far less than disciplined often seen throwing his head set and yelling at players.

I predict that the Bombers come out an not only show a better effort, but get the outcome that they have worked for – to go 1-0 this week (as is their mantra).

How are they going to win? I have no clue! After a performance as bad as last week’s you could literally change anything and it would help you win. What I do expect is a much better performance from the Bombers in all three phases of the game – offence, defense, and special teams.

I expect the Bombers to come into the game with the attitude of Abu Dramy-Swaray.

Will the Bombers give Montreal their first loss this season? I think so…Happy Canada Day!

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  1. Gary

    July 1, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    “Jeffcoat needs to find a way to stay healthy if he wants to stick around the CFL”

    You make it sound like Jeffcoat has only been around for couple of years.

  2. Davey Keon

    July 1, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    Fajardo will be offensive player of the week again,much to the displeasure of the pundits and writers that have a sick hate on for him.I could list them but wont,ok Marshall and Faran for starters

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