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It Really Does Not Matter! Winnipeg Losing Is No Big Deal, Yet!

By now we all know that the Bombers’ mantra is to “Go 1-0 this week.” So what happens when the do not?

As much as the mantra suggests they are only looking at one week at a time, that is not quite true. Everyone on the Bombers’ organization knows that the Grey Cup is the ultimate goal; and that the easiest path to that is hosting the Western Final. Yes, a win against Hamilton would have helped that journey out, but is seems apparent that the game against BC on October 6 will go a long way in dictating who wins the West.

Winnipeg has four games remaining on the 2023 schedule. They will face Toronto, BC, Edmonton, and Calgary. BC has five games remaining, and they will face: Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Calgary.

As it stands, BC would need to win one more game than Winnipeg wins this season to end up in a tie. Should the Bombers beat BC on October 6, BC would need to win three more games from here on out than Winnipeg wins to clinch first place. If Winnipeg loses against BC, they will need to win one more game than BC does from here on out.

Clear as mud? Essentially, the long and short of it is this; if Winnipeg beats BC it will be very tough for BC to take first place…not impossible, but tough. If Winnipeg wins two of its last four games (with one of those wins vs BC) than BC would need to win four of its last 5 games to take first place.

Winnipeg will also have one more bye-week in the season and obviously will not clinch first place early. This means that the old “rest vs. rust” conversation will not be in play this year.

If you were to ask Bomber fans, I would suggest they are more excited than worried! Their next home game vs. Toronto is already nearing a sell out. And if you ask the Bombers (oh, yah they were asked by Ed Tait) they are not satisfied with their play on their last outing.

When will the loses start mattering? I would suggest next week vs Toronto…unless BC falls to Toronto this Saturday.

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