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Larry Jusdanis Has High Praise For Nathan Rourke—Lions Release Awe, Sign Ross & Appoint New COO

The name Larry Jusdanis is of course not a new one to CFL fans. Many would remember that Larry Jusdanis played in the CFL as a QB, playing with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Montreal Alouettes; he was also drafted by the BC Lions.

And speaking of the Lions, he has a deep-rooted history with their new star QB, Nathan Rourke…and as it would turn out, that history dates back all the way to when Rourke was in the 6th grade of all places!

via Larry Jusdanis on Twitter

Jusdanis has some high praise for the Lions’ young QB, as he knows him so well. Here’s some of what he had to say about Rourke:

“Everybody saying it’s (just) one game – it’s not…Nobody saw him in college, nobody saw him in high school, nobody saw him when he was a kid. It’s the same steps he’s following…I always say good players have good practices, good games, do all that stuff and do what they have to do…

Great players ask what they did wrong during those practices, how to get better. He’s one of the few guys that just wants to be perfect…He was dominant. He just has an innate ability to make big plays…The big thing we talk about with quarterbacks is eye levels. He never dropped his eye levels…

 He can stay in the pocket, he can move. Is he Lamar Jackson? No. But he can move in the pocket and do well. And he throws the ball exceptionally well; he’s very accurate, which is the most important thing…

He’s (also) always won. That’s something people I think take for granted. The most important thing is they’ve got to win or else the coach is going to get fired. That’s the bottom line…

He just wants to play football and win championships…I’m sure he wants to do it as a Canadian, I’m sure he has it in the back of his mind. But ultimately, he wants to win a Grey Cup for the B.C. Lions. That’s his goal, simple goal…

Just unparalleled work ethic, wanting to succeed and that drive to win separates him…He just loves the process. It’s easy to say I want to win on Friday night. What are you going to do all that other time when no one’s watching you? He’s that good. He’s got something – he’s always had it.”


And in other Lions news, as per TSN, the Lions have come to terms with the release of LB, Micah Awe. Interestingly enough, he had just re-signed in May with the team.

They also acquired a new WR in Shai Ross.

via BC Lions on Twitter

Ross is formerly of the Elks…having been drafted in round five – 40th overall – and played (2021 being his most active season) a total of 21 games for the Elks overall in his time there.

And Ross of course was not the only acquisition or rather big news of acquisition this week, as the team signed a new COO.

This will be effective only as of August 2nd of this year, but Duane Vienneau has been given the gig.

LeLacheur, the former president is retiring and Vienneau will be taking over as president by the end of the year. A statement was made by BC Lions owner, Amar Doman:

“I have gotten to know Duane through his work as Chief Grey Cup & Events Officer with the CFL.  With his football background, energy and passion and focus on revenue enhancement programs, he will be a great leader of the Lions…

Rick had advised me some time ago that if a suitable replacement could be found by the end of the 2022 season, it would be an ideal time to affect a smooth transition for the team and a new President.”

via BC Lions

Vienneau also had a few words:

“I am excited to be appointed Chief Operating Officer and I look forward to working with Amar, Rick and the Lions team as we continue to build the legacy of this storied franchise…”

via BC Lions (link above)

We here at the CFL News Hub wish him luck with the new gig.

As for the Lions…they’re set to take on the Toronto Argonauts Saturday the 25th at 10 PM EST.

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1 Comment

  1. Tim Garrison

    June 24, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    I like your English writing Dominic. Much better than the hockey news writers. Perhaps you have a journalism degree not sure. Maybe it’s a talent you have. I like how you don’t waste writing stupid words that makes the reader work harder. Words like saying that at the end of the day moving forward stupid words like that haha.
    Really appreciate your football knowledge also.

    Tim G

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