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Milt Stegall Returns to Winnipeg?!

Milt Stegall says he has wanted to do this for years!

Yes, Milt Stegall will be entering rookie camp with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

At this point he is only talking about a 1 day thing.

But life is funny, and all the fans want to ask, “What if?”

Is this a publicity stunt, or the real deal?

If you listen to the video it sure seems like this is the real deal!

When asked the question, “Why,” Stegall said that he has a big ego. But if this is the real thing, then I think there is more to that. I honestly think this has to do with winning the all elusive Grey Cup!

I recall after he and the Bombers lost the Grey Cup, either in 2007 or 2011, Milt said that the Bombers would have won if some guys took the occasion more seriously. He hinted at the fact that some guys took in too much of the Grey Cup partying.

Some may think that Milt wants to coach with the Bombers so this is his way in…I doubt it! Whenever he is asked about coaching he quickly dismisses the idea.

But Milt pulls no punches! He says that he understands that he is 54 years old and that the chance he gets by these guys is very slim. But I can guarantee you this; with every does of reality he has, Milt does not do this if he thinks there is zero chance he could make it.

Where does this all end up? Your guess is as good as mine! But if I had to hazard a guess, I would suggest this is 1 and done. Though it is fun to think about the possibilities!

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