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MMMBops, Kick Talks, & Tic Talks: Bombers Midweek Check-In (Week 3)

As always here is you midweek check-in on the back-to-back Grey Cup champions!


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers had a welcome addition to their roster this week in the form of Thiadric Hansen.  No, he’s not the pre-game show, as he is not one of the three Hanson brothers famous for their song MMMBop. Rather, this Hansen is a heavy hitting defensive end best known or his bone-crushing hit in the 2019 Grey Cup where he took out returner Frankie Williams, and Mike Daly in the same hit! I was at that game, I heard the hit!

When Hansen hits you it is not MMMBop, but rather ouch-bop, as he is a human wrecking ball. Watch out Hamilton, here comes Hansen! If Hansen was a “secret no one knows,” like the lyrics from Hanson, the secret is out…they now know!

Kick Talks:

On the kicking side, Marc Liegghio got hold of a punt that went for 70 yards!

Yet fans want to see what he does in practice transpire in the game.  On his own Twitter page, Liegghio has pinned a video of himself hitting a 70 yard field goal!

In all fairness, Liegghio is 9 of 12 on the season for field goals, but only 6 of 11 on converts. Will he get it figured out this week vs. Hamilton, we will find out. Yet if he stinks it up, not only does he risk getting jock of the game, but there is a real chance he gets booed by the home crowd (for the record, I do not boo my own team’s players).

Tic Talks:

Earlier this week Shia Ross was released by the Elks. If that name sounds familiar he is the player that back flipped and dunked an Oreo in a glass of milk while he was inverted!

You have also likely seen his barbell backflip video:

Yet he was released from the Elks this week, and Bomber fans are wondering if he comes home to Winnipeg.

In 2021 Ross started 12 games for the Elks catching the ball 27 times for a total of 369 yards. He was fifth in reception yards for the Elks, but their top receiver in now in Winnipeg, Greg Ellingson. Additionally, Ross was only 162 yards behind the second leading receiver, Derel Walker. So Ross’s departure from the Elks is a bit of a head scratcher.

I am not convinced that Shia Ross lands (on his feet of course) in Winnipeg. The question is, ‘Whose spot would he take?’ There does not seem to be a lot of vacancy in Winnipeg for Ross, and that is a good thing, it means Winnipeg is healthy.   

However, if I am Ross I am not packing my bags too quickly. After all, Elks Head Coach Chris Jones is the same person that only days after releasing Caleb Holley.

Bonus – Fan 3 Keys To The Game:

What did I get right? What did you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

– Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans

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