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Moore w/ Alouettes—Former Alouettes Asst. GM Catherine Raîche Becomes 1st Woman to be Interviewed for GM Role w/ Vikings in NFL

In what is being considered quite the trade, The Alouettes acquired Michael Moore—a defensive lineman—from The Edmonton Elks. And it was for the American, that they traded offensive lineman Tony Washington and running back Martese Jackson (also Americans). The deal was finalized on Friday.

Moore, who started his career with Ottawa in 2016, landed with Edmonton in 2017, with whom he played 4 seasons. According to, he has 19 defensive tackles overall and 2 sacks this season, and that’s out of 11 games. Overall, he played in 48 games total and his stats show 69 tackles for the length of his pro CFL career—17 quarterback sacks overall too, which is pretty impressive.

via Edmonton Elks /YouTube

He played his college ball with the Virginia University Cavaliers, but is a Hyattsville, MD native. Alouettes General Manager Danny Maciocia, stated of the trade:

“Michael is a player we like a lot. He is able to put pressure on opposing offences, and he will not back down from anyone. He will bring a lot of intensity to the field.”

via Montreal Alouettes

Former Alouettes Asst. GM Catherine Raîche becomes 1st woman to be interviewed for GM Role w/ Vikings in NFL history

via CTV

It was reported this week that Philadelphia Eagles vice-president of football operations, Catherine Raîche, would be interviewed by The Minnesota Vikings for the position of General Manager. They requested permission to do so. The reason that this got as much attention as it did, was because she would be the first woman to be interviewed for a GM position in the entirety of NFL history, so in essence this is  a pretty big deal overall.

Historically, and as was reported by The Montreal Gazette, it was in 1983 that Susan Tose Spencer was given the GM role with the Philadelphia Eagles, but the promotion was given to her by her father and she never was interviewed for the position.

It is in this case that Catherine Raîche will be interviewed for the position and it is this that marks the monumental moment in NFL history…and CFL history.

Why the CFL?

Because Catherine Raîche spent 5 years in the CFL; before joining with The Eagles herself in 2019, she had quite the career with the Toronto Argonauts and the Montreal Alouettes. With the Argonauts, she filled the position of Director of Football Administration and with Montreal, filled the role of coordinator of football administration and assistant general manager.

She made quite the impression in her time with The Eagles, and it was in the off-season (2021) that she was promoted to vice president of football operations after only being with the team for two previous seasons. She has a degree in Law and is of course a native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This isn’t the first time she makes history though, as was mentioned above, she served as assistant general manager in her time with the Alouettes, and at that time, she was the only women to hold that position.

It looks like she’s well on her way to making history again. We’ll keep you posted, dear readers, as to what happens from here on out and if she gets the gig. We wish her luck.

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