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Music To My Ears: Bombers Re-Sign Wolitarsky

Known more for his CFL playing, Drew Wolitarsky is a very good guitar player. In fact, when the 2020 CFL season was cancelled, he turned his focus to his music career. But now it is 2024, and his re-signing is music to the ears.

As I mentioned in my previous article, it appears the Bombers are moving forward without having re-signed some of their big ticket pending free agents.

While Drew Wolitarsky is not one of the big money guys, but the Bombers obviously see him as an integral part of the team. That fact is showcased in two ways. First of all, the Bombers have re-signed him without knowing where all their dollars are going. Secondly, they have re-signed Wolitarsky to a two year deal.

Do not forget, Winnipeg will be hosting the Grey Cup in 2025. So every move they make this year they are also looking to 2025.

Wolitarsky has spent his whole CFL career with the Bombers. From 2017-2023 (with the 2020 year having no CFL games) he has averaged 14.2 yards/reception. That is nothing to scoff at. He averages over a first-down every time he catches the ball! (He just might have to catch the ball more if Schoen does not re-sign).

The 2023 year saw Wolitarsky targeted the most in his career (64 times) which also matched his targets in 2018.

We will simply have to wait and see who the Bombers sign next, but one thing is growing increasingly apparent, sitting and waiting for Schoen and Oliveira is becoming less of the game plan.

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