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NFL-CFL Officiating Exchange Will Not Happen In 2021

Per Mark Schultz of ‘,’ the NFL-CFL officiating exchange will not occur for the 2021 season due to the US-Canada border still being closed. Even if the border was to open as soon as tomorrow, it is too late to figure out the logistics of the exchange for the coming season of both leagues.

The NFL-CFL Officiating Development Program has helped give NFL and CFL refs more experience since 2016. The program has allowed several NFL officials to work CFL games late in the summer, while allowing CFL officials to observe and receive training from NFL officials and even work NFL preseason games. In 2017, CFL officials also had a hand in the NFL’s experiment of adding a “middle judge.”

Relative to other sports like basketball, baseball, and hockey, football has a significantly low number of games in a season, meaning refs have very few games to work and get hands-on experience. To give officials of both leagues more experience, the NFL-CFL officiating exchange was created.

Currently there is no official word if the program will continue in 2022 or not.

NFL officials who worked CFL games

  • Alan Eck – 2016
  • Jabir Walker – 2016
  • David Meslow – 2016
  • Dale Shaw – 2016
  • Alex Kemp – 2017
  • Brad Rogers – 2017
  • John Jenkins – 2017
  • Jim Quirk – 2017
  • Land Clark – 2018
  • Ryan Dickson – 2018
  • Mearl Robinson – 2018
  • Don Willard – 2018
  • Nate Jones – 2019
  • Keith Washington – 2019
  • Jimmy Russell – 2019

CFL officials who worked NFL games

  • Dave Foxcroft
  • Dave Hawkshaw
  • Justin McInnes
  • Brian Chrupalo
  • Rob Hand
  • Jason Maggio
  • Tom Vallesi
  • Rob Skaggs
  • Blair Brown
  • Tim Kroeker

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