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Pre-Season Preview: Calgary at Winnipeg

These two teams usually provide some very entertaining football when the meet; including the playoffs.

However, this pre-season game is likely to be less spicy.

Generally, in the pre-season the visiting team leaves a bunch of their starters at home. Yet, since this is the final pre-season game, we may see Calgary bring more of their starters than if it were week 1 in the pre-season. Either way, I do not expect to see Calgary play their starters for most of the game.

As for Winnipeg, I think Collaros will get more than 1 quarter. I doubt he plays the full first half, but my guess is that he plays the full first quarter, and at least half of the second quarter (depending on how many possessions he gets).

For me, the line up does not really matter. In the pre-season the depth chart means nothing.

What I will be watching for is this:
How many people comment on the new name of the stadium!

But seriously. This is really what I will be watching for: How does the offensive/defensive line play as a unit? Who will be the Bombers #3 quarterback? Does the older talent on the Bombers still have gas in the tank (maybe a question that will be answered as the season goes on). Will Aron Cruickshank make the team (if he does there will be at least 4 jersey sales; my wife, my 2 kids, and myself). Aron and I share the same last name…though not related.

To be sure, the Bombers are not finished fine tuning their roster.

Here are some roster moves made just this week.

It will also be interesting to see what the Bombers do with kicking this year. You may recall that Sergio Castillo is the Bomber’s kicker…but he is only on a one year contract? What about next year when Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup.

And for me, that will be the big story this year. Yes, I would love to see the Bombers back in the Grey Cup this year and even win it. But I have to believe that the club is looking to 2025 when Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup.

The Bombers’ management and coaches would never discount this year by looking ahead to next year. They will never use this year as an extended practice for the 2025 year. Their motto of “Going 1-0 this week,” will remain all year long. But the reality simply cannot escape them that the 2025 team may look quite a bit different…and now is the time to figure out how those holes will be filled!

What will you be watching for in the pre-season game?

Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. E W

    May 30, 2024 at 10:40 am

    The biggest question here is in the trenches. Hardrick is a big loss, Neufeld is listed as RETIRED on the CFL transaction wire whatever that means. How many touches does Streveler take away from Oliveira? On the DL – Walker & Jeffcoat gone, only Willie & Jake back & they’re 33. Willie’s production went down badly the last half the past 2 years. And this nugget from Derek Taylor – in the 10 games Jeffcoat missed the past 3 seasons Jefferson recorded ZERO sacks. He’ll be getting a lot more attention this year. Bighill is 36 & ranks well below Hdladik, Awe, Morgan & Thurman who were all top 6 in defensive plays last year. Lots of changes on D with at least a couple of new DB’s starting as well.

    The West will be interesting – yes the Bombers have a good REC corps, but so does BC & Edm. All the teams in the West have good RB’s. All but Calgary have experienced veteran QB’s.

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