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Retribution Game! Banjo Bowl 2013!

Whenever the Bombers take on the Riders it is a spirited affair! However, this game will have some elements that will be sure to heighten that. In fact this is a retribution game for the Bombers. Not only did they lose in the Labour Day Classic a week ago, but it is not a too distant memory that Robertson took a liberty on Collaros; was allowed to stay in the game; and only following the game was Roberson handed a 1 game suspension for his atrocious action.

After the game Collaros had this to say, “Do you think the league will do anything about it?” Collaros said, visibly emotional after the 32-30 loss to the Roughriders before 33,350 fans at sold-out Mosaic Stadium. “It happens all the time.” – source.

Bomber’s Head Coach Mike O’Shea doubled down adding this, “Rightfully so. Ridiculous. I’m not sure why there’s not a flag on the field and it’s got to go to the command centre. I do not understand that. I hear too many times ‘I didn’t see it.’ I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what the standard is anymore, really, and I’m on the rules committee. I have no clue.” – source.

If you have been living under a rock and have no clue what I am referring to, here it is:

So the Bombers will come into the Banjo Bowl; a sold out game in front a wild fans to begin with; with everyone remembering what transpired just a week ago.

The Bombers will also remember that they did not play terribly well; yet almost won the game.

On the opening play of the game the Riders executed an on-side kick. While I said that Winnipeg should prepare for some trick plays, I did not feel like that play set the tone for the game. I do not think that play rattled Winnipeg. If anything, that play energized the fans. Look, Winnipeg dropped 14 points to Montreal before putting up 30 unanswered points on them to beat Montreal 47-17; an onside kick is not going to rattle the Bombers!

The Bombers had their own struggles. The passing game was really struggling in the first quarter. At one point; well into the first quarter Zach Collaros was 1/5 for 2 yards passing!

In fact they lost in overtime because they let rookie quarterback Jake Dolegala score a touchdown and convert on the two point attempt afterwards; while Winnipeg did not convert their two point attemp.

Bombers’ Depth Chart

Riders’ Depth Chart

Things To Watch For

The Emotions

Even for players who have never played in a LDC game Winnipeg vs. Saskatchewan the emotion is palpable. This is sure to be a hard hitting game with a lot of trash talking! Guaranteed there will be penalties taken. But whichever team can stay away from taking the undisciplined penalties will help their campaign towards success. It will be up to Winnipeg to take out their retribution by scoring points as opposed to scoring blows!

The Noise

If you thought Regina was loud…bring your earplugs! Winnipeg boasts the home of the “CFLs Loudest Fans” (signage that goes around IG Field and a test proven years ago with a decibel meter)!

The Heat

No, I am not talking about the weather, I am talking about the heat that the Bombers bring on Jake Dolegala. The Bombers seem to live by the saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! While Winnipeg has struggled facing rookie quarterbacks they always come back with a stament game. I expect this week to be no different.

My Prediction

I predict that Winnipeg comes out with a win, and not a close one. I am calling for a double digit win. I think Collaros has a fire in his belly that will result in over 300 yards passing. Schoen is looking to get back on top of the receivers list and I look for him to make every catch…he had some uncharacteristic drops.

I predict the Bombers lay the boots to the Riders (in legal ways) and show the Riders just how good the Bombers are.

I believe the Bombers have something to prove to themselves. In a post game interview Zach Collaros was asked about their “prolific offence.” he responded by asking if they really were prolific. Not that he doubts his team, but he understands reality…you are as good as you last played. That is the CFL. That is why we love the CFL. That is why this Banjo Bowl will be off the hook!

What is Mike O’Shea and Zach Collaros saying today? Find out here!

Mike O’Shea interview. And Zach’s interview.

What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Let me know in the comments wherever you are reading this!

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