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Roughriders Cody Fajardo’s Knee Is Getting Worse As Days Go By—Is It Time To Start Thinking About A Replacement?

Of course the Roughriders losing the game versus the Toronto Argonauts isn’t anything new—hardly a scoop to any one of you paying attention to the CFL Season. They suffered their second loss of the season so far, and to a team that hasn’t been doing that well so far this season in their own right.

via Riders on Twitter

We’ve sadly seen some holes in Saskatchewan’s game as well this season, though. If it wasn’t behavioral, as was the case with Marino and the hit heard around the world on Ottawa’s Masoli, then it was in a lackluster effort in part, specking specifically of their surprising loss to the Alouettes on June 23rd.

This time around the loss wasn’t as big a gap in the score as the aforementioned game on the 23rd of June, but still it hurt to watch for many. The game finished 30 to 24 for the Argonauts.

But as it turns out, Riders QB, Cody Fajardo has been playing with quite the knee injury and for a QB, knees and hips are pretty much like the pistons and gears of a Humvee; if they’re messed up, then there’s major issue that need to be resolved by one heck of a mechanic.

But where’s Fajardo’s mechanic? He hasn’t been replaced yet, and as has also been reported by TSN, he’s been wearing a knee brace since game two of this season.

Riders Head coach, Craig Dickenson, has decided to play him regardless. Many have wondered though, if the playing on the injured knee could aggravate it further, thus ultimately ruining  Fajardo for upcoming potential key moments in the season, then why hasn’t he been replaced in order to rest whatever is bothering his knee? But according to the head coach, it’s Fajardo’s call, and he trusts him apparently. Dickenson had this to say on the matter:

“If I ever felt like he couldn’t effectively run the offence or was in threat of injuring himself further, I definitely would do that (replacing him or removing him from play)…But he still was moving good enough to do what he needed to do…

I trust him…If he tells me he can go, he’s going as long as he’s not putting himself in danger of getting hurt.”

via TSN

As for Fajardo, he was a tad upset that what he felt was an obvious foul during the game with the Argos last Saturday wasn’t called…something that’s been happening for a while according to the QB. Here he’s discussing a specific sack from Oakman during the game…

“This is the second time I’ve taken a hit to the leg and no call has been (made)…Last time we got a call but there was no fine, no talk; no reprimand. If you’re going to call it even, call it even. If I got a penalty there, it wouldn’t make it feel any better but it would’ve kept us on the football field…

At the end of the day, it’s player safety that’s on the line and I’m pretty frustrated by it…I’m sure you can hear it in my voice. That’s twice now that it’s been the same knee; who knows if it’s targeting on my knee? Everybody knows I’m not playing at 100 per cent and which knee is the injured knee, so I’m just going to leave that up for everybody else to think about…

I’ll tell you this much, it was a lot worse than the last time I felt it…If it keeps happening week after week, I don’t know what’s going to happen, how much longer my knee can take this…

I haven’t talked to the doc yet, but we’ll see where we’re at. This is a major setback for me from where I was last week…I take pride in being one of the toughest quarterbacks in this league…I want to be out there with my guys.”

via TSN (link above)

The rematch is set for later this week. The Riders will be taking on Toronto on Saturday, July 23rd at 7 PM EST.

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