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Roughriders QB Cody Fajardo Looking To Return To Field Despite Lingering Knee Issues

It has been since early in the season that Roughriders QB, Cody Fajardo, has had issues with his knee. He has been wearing a brace since game two of the season, but he has powered through so to speak.

This unfortunately did lead to him missing last week’s game, or so people thought; he has other ideas about why he missed, dismissing the injury entirely. But as he told the press this week, he plans on returning to the field no matter what.

What of his knee? Has it miraculously healed, you ask? As it turns out, the issues with the knee are still in question, but said issues are perhaps not as serious as originally thought…but still….

The Riders of course lost that match to the Toronto Argonauts…their 2nd consecutive loss to the team. They lost the first game 30 to 24 and the lost last week’s game as stated—which had been postponed due to a Covid-19 outbreak in the Riders camp and offices by a day—31 to 21.

Now the Riders are set to face the BC Lions on Friday, July 29th at 9 PM EST. But…will Cody be there on the field?

Here’s what Cody had to say about it all:

“Definite(ly), I’ll be out there…I feel like it might be up to other people…But, if it’s up to me, I’m playing. Maybe I spoke too soon by saying definitely I’ll be out there…I miss(ed) it, you don’t know what you’ve got have until it’s taken away from you…

It wasn’t my knee that held me back, it was COVID protocol…I didn’t get out of protocol until Sunday, the day of the game and the coaches looked after me, they didn’t want me going out there with no practice…(COVID) kicked my butt for 48 hours, it was really tough on me, I had just about every symptom you can think of.”

via Global News

Riders head coach, Craig Dickenson, did have a few words to add to the subject:

“I do think he can go, but I thought he looked good, he was in rhythm, it was good to see him back out there…Today’s practice, even though it was short, it was productive and we got a chance to see him get a rhythm with his receivers…

It’s an MCL, unless there’s something new from today, I don’t know…Yeah, we know he’s got some ligament issues and hopefully it heals up on its own and he’s able to play.”

via Global News (link above)

According to, an MCL tear is defined as:  “…a common knee injury. It most often happens to people who play sports like football, basketball and skiing. MCL tears are most often treated without surgery, though there are surgery options… An MCL tear is damage to the medial collateral ligament, which is a major ligament that’s located on the inner side of your knee…

As of this writing he did make the official team injury report and is listed under: Questionable…

via Roughriders on Twitter

The tear can be partial (some fibers in the ligament are torn) or complete (the ligament is torn into two pieces). A ligament is a tough band of tissue that connects one bone to another bone or holds organs in place…”

Hopefully Fajardo feels 100% by game time, but if he doesn’t, I hope he stays safe out there.

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