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Roughriders Sign New QB: American, Zerrick Cooper—Jane Mawby Tribute Award Given To Gail Mund

What has now been a terrible end to a CFL season perhaps got a tad brighter…‘perhaps’ being the operative word here, dear readers. With the terrible treatment of Cody Fajardo at the tail end of the season, and the terrible choices made in coaching, the QB position for next year has indeed been a question many citizens of Rider Nation have been asking themselves.

However, it now seems as though we’re closer to an answer than we were a few weeks ago, when the future of the Roughriders team looked pretty bleak indeed.

Now there’s no news as to just whom will be the starter come the start of the 2023 season, but things look promising indeed, as news broke of 3 distinct signings…all of them American-born athletes, as reported by

The QB signed is none other than Zerrick Cooper. He had a pretty impressive run at Jacksonville State and is indeed promising. He started as a backup quarterback with the school team in 2017 after sitting out the first season straight out of high school.

By 2018 he started 13 games; same with the following year (12 games), and sadly lost most of the 2020/2021 season because of a season-ending injury, as called by

Also signed were wide receivers Jake Parker and Tabashi Thomas.

Gail Mund—director of tickets—honored after announcement of retirement

Gail Mund has been with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for a whopping 27 years. She of course was the Roughriders director of ticket operations. She announced her retirement from the position and subsequently she was honored for her contributions to the success of the team, as Global News reports (link below).

via Riders on Twitter

She was awarded the Jane Mawby Tribute Award. She had the following to say about the honor bestowed her:

“It is humbling to receive an award at an event where many of our past and present CFL legends have been honored for their outstanding successes…My career with the Riders started in 1997 with the ‘Save the Riders’ campaign…

When one looks back over my 27 years with the Riders, it can be a bit overwhelming as the league, the club and Rider Nation has experienced so much change…In this industry, be it on the field or behind the scenes, it is the work that we do together that creates success…”

via Global News

President and chief executive officer of the Roughriders, Craig Reynolds, stated that Mund represented everything that the team stands for and was a source of strength and support for the Riders for the duration of her time with Saskatchewan.

She worked a whopping 257 home games, 3 Grey Cup Games at home, and served a whopping 7.5 million fans over the long years, as well as many other endeavors and accomplishments.

We here at CFL News Hub congratulate her and thank her for all of the hard work she’s put in, and we’re sure that the aforementioned proud citizens of Rider Nation would concur, with a raucous round of applause and cheers.

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