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Streveler Coming Back To the CFL? Coming Back To The Bombers? Does It Hinge On Oliveira?

Bombers quarterback Dru Brown has made it clear that he wants to be a starter in the CFL, and with numerous teams looking for one…he seems to hold all the cards.

It appears the Bombers are going to lose their back up quarterback Dru Brown. On January 14, 2024, writer Jamie Nye broke down where Brown could be headed.

I do not see a single scenario where the Bombers are going to convince Brown to stay. Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup in 2025, and you better believe the Bombers want to be in that game. While that is two seasons away, the Bombers are rolling with Collaros as their top dog at quarterback – and so they should. It is simply impossible to convince Brown to stick around for that ‘someday shot,’ when he has that right now.

That leaves the Bombers in an interesting position. Their other back-up quarterback, Dakota Prukop is also a pending free agent.

Astute fans will remember that Prukop went to the USFL in early in 2023 before returning to Winnipeg. However, since the merger of the USFL and the XFL early reports are that earnings for all players (including quarterbacks) will have “standard player salaries” which are around the $50,000 mark. That is far less than Prukop could make in the CFL.

Whether Prukop stays with the Bombers or not is almost irrelevant to the Streveler conversation. Streveler said that he wanted to really give the NFL a shot before reconsidering the CFL. In fact, Streveler said that he was hoping to have a decision made by free agency on whether he would return to the CFL. And honestly, that would be a smart timeline!

Streveler is one of those players that does not fit into every organization. So if he decides he wants to return to the CFL, he needs to do so while teams that can benefit from his skill set are still looking to fill a quarterback spot. Winnipeg being one of those spots.

Yes, the Bombers are still juggling their potential free agent list. But if they can get Streveler at a value amount, he can take the hits instead of Collaros.

Oh, yah, one more thing. If Oliveira does not return to the Bombers, then Winnipeg will be looking for some ground support…something Streveler can and has provided.

Fans have talked about Streveler coming back the to Bombers for years; and up until recently it was a pipe dream. But now that dream looks like a potential reality.

Go ahead, you tell me. Does Streveler come back to the CFL, and if so is it with the Bombers?

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. EW

    January 17, 2024 at 3:40 pm

    The Bombers need Oliveira more than they need Streveler. I don’t see them signing both. You might see a team like BC going after Oliveira. They had virtually no run game last year. They just released Rhymes, despite Hatcher likely missing most of the upcoming season with his achilles injury. And I would not be surprised if they release Whitehead either. Putting some serious cash on the table for Oliveira would be a good move. There’s usually an abundance of WR’s available in FA & you could get some solid guys behind Hollins, Cottoy etc. Also BC has had good success finding WR’s themselves.

    So – my belief is the Bombers will try their all to bring back Oliveira but they won’t win a cash war – as shown by being outbid for Desjarlais last year. Streveler then, should he return, would be a good bet. The other benefit of the Lions going after Brady, if so inclined, is it weakens the Bombers at the same time.

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