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Truth Bombs: For Lawler It Is An Immigration Issue Now

Fans scratched their heads last week when they heard that the man asking for a million dollar contract will be suspended to start the season – Winnipeg receiver Kenny Lawler.

(For the record Lawler signed a two year contract with the Bombers on February 14, 2023 and it was not for a million dollars, and it is believed he is making about $260,000 this season). It should be noted that players on the suspended list are not paid.

Some fans took to social media wondering why Lawler is suspended again as he had already served his suspension for his off-field blunder (a DUI).

The reality is that Lawler is not being punished again for the same offence. Rather, after pleading guilty two months ago Lawler’s ability to work in Canada becomes more complicated. Any American that receives a conviction while working in Canada must apply for a temporary resident permit and must acquire a work permit. Outside of that, Lawler should be able to return to the Bombers.

While Lawler works out his immigration status, this will be an opportunity for other receivers to get some quality reps and to show that they belong on the starting lineup. All speculation seems to indicate that it could take four weeks for Lawler’s law troubles to get sorted out.

It is good thing that the Bombers are stacked at the receiving position.

Nevertheless, Lawler will be a welcome sight for Bomber’s quarterback Zach Collaros when Lawler returns.

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