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Truth Bombs: The Bombers Would Hope To Face Calgary In The Western Final!

You heard that right, I think Winnipeg should want to face Calgary sooner than BC in the Western Final.
I know this contravenes conventional wisdom that would say, “BC is a dome team…they can’t handle the cold.”

I will get to that point in a moment but first I want to mention a couple of things. First of all, BC is better than Calgary. If Winnipeg can play the lesser of the two teams I like that idea. Calgary and Hamilton are the only two teams in the playoffs with less points for than against; meaning in total Calgary has been collectively outscored by their opponents. Secondly, Calgary has only won 3 games on the road this year. Compare that to BC who has won 6 road games.

Also, Calgary has not beat Winnipeg since Saturday November 20, 2021 (which was not a playoff game but the last game of the regular season that stared late). Winnipeg had already locked up first place and was resting some starters.

Now let me get back to that point about “BC is a dome team…they can’t handle to cold.” I have lived in Southern Manitoba my whole life. I do not care what people tell you, you never get used to the cold…you learn how to live with it. You learn how to layer up. You learn how to keep your feet warm. Here is the other thing; you get acclimatized in a hurry. I have done enough vacations to Florida (remember from Southern Manitoba) in late November and early December. We can easily have left home with the temperature of -20 Celsius (or colder) with a wind-chill reel feel of -30 Celsius! You would think that any temperature in Florida would feel warm in comparison. But on more than once occasion; in different years, we found ourselves pulling out the hoodies, and even toques and mitts in Florida. So I really believe there is too much made about BC being a dome team.

On To The Quarterbacks

Tell me that the Bombers would rather face Adams, but you better be able to make a good case! By the numbers Winnipeg would rather face Maier.

Recent History

Sure, Winnipeg beat BC in the 2022 Western Final in Winnipeg but that game was close and ended in a score of 28-20 for Winnipeg. And while I spoke about some of the history earlier; BC did beat Winnipeg once this year…and that was not close. Yes, Winnipeg went on to beat BC twice, but I would rather face a team that has not beat me in a long while than a team that beat me this year.

Tell me why I am right; or tell me why I am wrong!

Head over to the comment section wherever you are reading this and tell me who (with reasoning) you believe Winnipeg would rather face in the Western Final.

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  1. Aaron Stechesen

    October 30, 2023 at 11:16 pm

    They shouldn’t care and likely don’t. As a fan, I would be okay with facing Calgary. If I was a player I would want to face a team that would push me since, if they get to the Grey Cup, their opponent is more than likely to be Toronto. Toronto may have been in a few close games divisionally, but they won ALL TEN games. Two of Winnipeg’s losses were to teams that were eliminated from the playoffs and the other two were to teams that did but both couldn’t beat Toronto. So, who is Winnipeg likely to caught off guard by/take too lightly? I would say Calgary. BC beat Winnipeg at home and I guarantee you both teams remember that and will want repeat or prevent that from happening again.

  2. Donald Hanslip

    October 31, 2023 at 12:35 am

    This will be a close contest if collaros plays mediocre and D fence plays poorly, but if both are clicking, winnipeg by 13…easily.

  3. Colin Walker

    October 31, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    Respectfully disagree. Would rather see BC than Calgary. BC does not scare me. Their offense is based on quick strike, deep passes which does not lend itself on a cold, snowy field. Add to the fact they have a poor running attack and the Bomber D would feast on them. Contrast to Calgary, with runningback by committee with Carey, Mills and Logan which could be a handful.

    Also add the fact the Lions front seven is small and cannot stop the run. Brady would have a field day against them. So, Go Leos this weekend 🙂

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