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Truth Bombs: What We Know About The Blue Bombers After Week 8 – I Was Wrong

As you may know the Bombers are now 8-0 on the season!

After beating Calgary 35-28 in Week 7, Winnipeg is set to face Montreal on Thursday August 4th in Montreal. This will end a Bombers heavy road schedule as 6 of their first 9 games were on the road.

With that in mind let’s look at what we know about the Bombers so far.

Road Warriors

It does not seem to matter to the Bombers whether they play on the road or at home! I did not think the Bombers would be 8-0 with so many road games to start the season. I thought for sure they would drop a couple, especially after the injuries they had. However, make no mistake about it, the Bombers do not take the atmosphere at IG Field for granted.

Zach Collaros Is A Winner

Since joining the Bombers and becoming their starting quarterback in October of 2019, Zach Collaros has won 25/28 games. That includes the regular season, they playoffs, and two Grey Cups! It should also be noted that in the two losses in 2021 the Bombers rested many of their starters as they had already clinched first place in the West. I am not sure what you thought when Winnipeg signed Zach but my thought was, “How desperate are they? Looks like we are in for another quarterback carousel.” He got injured in the first game of the season, then traded to Toronto – where he did not play a game in 2019 – and then Winnipeg picked him up.

I also thought, “This guy should retire! He has taken some hard blows to the head and it is time for him to hang up the cleats.”

Boy was I wrong!

Would you mind handing me the humble pie, some crow, and my hat? It appears I have some eating to do. That is if I can get my foot out of my mouth first!

All Teams In The 2019 Collaros Trades Won But Winnipeg Profited The Most

As illustrated above, Winnipeg definitely benefited from the Collaros trade. However, so did Saskatchewan and Toronto – both clubs had Collaros in 2019.

I am thankful for all the knowledgeable fans out there. In a group message on Twitter I asked about the details of the Collaros trade. Twitter account WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS & JETS, 1 PROVINCE 2 TEAMS was able to provide me with all the details:

“So the recap of the 2 trades that were made for Zach Collaros and what came back for all three teams. Both Saskatchewan and Toronto traded Zach away in 2019. Saskatchewan received a 4th round selection which turned into Kian Schaffer-Baker WR 30th pick. Toronto received a 1st and 3rd round pick which turned into Theren Churchill OL 9th pick and Dylan Giffen OL 28th pick. Winnipeg received 2 Grey Cups and counting. Future Grey Cup MVP in 2021 Most Outstanding Player in 2021, Zach Collaros. As well as our starting kicker in the 5th round Marc Liegghio K 39th pick.”

I’m not sure what crystal ball Kyle Walters has, but somehow he can see into the future!

Trust The Scouts And Coaches

Piggybacking of the previous truth bomb, fans need to trust the scouts and coaches. Winnipeg used to be a place where players did not want to come to be a part of the team. That has changed 180 degrees! Just look at the players Winnipeg is able to re-sign: Zach Collaros, Willie Jefferson, Adam Bighill…and the list goes on. These guys could have signed elsewhere for more money, but chose to re-sign with Winnipeg.

In the CFL where player movement seems at an all-time high, Winnipeg is able to retain talent. Similarly, when talent decides to move on – such as Kenny Lawler, Darvin Adams, Alden Darby, the ‘stove’ Steven Richardson, Mike Jones, and Tobi Antigha – (as well as Drew Desjarlais and DeAundre Alford who left for the NFL) Winnipeg is able to fill those spots. Tell me, what other team could go through as many injuries as the Bombers have in 2022 and still be 8-0 with no bye week. I will not hold my breathe.

The big question – as the 2022 season went on – was would Winnipeg be able to fill the spot of Andrew Harris? Until the last game the Bombers played that was a real question. However, Brady Oliveira had a break out game last game and earned my game-ball.

If fans are still questioning whether Brady can get it done consistently, I think that is a fair question. As for me, I learned my lesson – see above. I am going to trust the coaches!

Fans Need To Get To IG Field

The Bombers are playing historic football!

The Bombers have not gone 8-0 since 1960! The Bombers are back-to-back Grey Cup Champions! Out of teams that went back-to-back and failed capturing a third straight Grey Cup, Winnipeg has a far superior record.

As you will see in the comments of that tweet, in 1980 the Edmonton football team went 7-1 to start the season and did three-peat. At 8-0 the Bombers have a legitimate shot.

The stands at IG Field should be packed!

I get it, the way fans consume sports have changed. We have super large televisions, surround sound, the comfort of being in your own house, etc. But there are many reasons to head to IG Field for the Bombers game August 11th when they play Montreal. From pre-game food and beverage specials to family packages

(includes 4 Tickets – 2 Adult, 2 Youth – 4 Pepsi Drinks, Hot Dogs, Chips and 1 Parking Pass) starting at $97 per game, or youth tickets starting at $15, to watching some incredible football, there is no reason IG Field should not be packed out!

Come enjoy a night out, enjoy the best stadium in the CFL, and enjoy some amazing football!

This is not 2013 folks! This team is amazing!

If you were to drop a truth bomb what would it be?

Let me know in the comments.

Written by a Bomber fan, for the Bomber fans.

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