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Week 5: Calgary At Winnipeg Game Ball & Jock!

While the start of the game was not what Bomber fans had hoped for, the end result was. The Bombers are now 4-1 while the Stamps sit at 1-3. As I mentioned in my game preview article I expected this game to be wildly entertaining!

Let me ask you a question: Who saw Mills shredding the Bombers for over 70 yards with minutes to go in the first quarter? I did not! It was apparent that Calgary had looked at the film on their bye week and they found a way to exploit Winnipeg’s run defense.

Let me ask you another question: After watching the first quarter, how many yards did you think Mills was going to rush for in the whole game? He was on pace to rush for close to 300 yards!

Let me ask you one final question: Did you think the Bombers would be able to completely shut down the Stamps’ run game after the first quarter? As stated, Mills slashed the Bombers for 70+ yards in the first quarter and ended the game with…97 yards. Tommy Stevens would rush for 11 yards and Bellamy would rush for -1 yard.

With that, you may think the Game Ball goes to the Bombers’ defense…but not so fast!

Before we got to the Game Ball, we need to hand out some Honorary Game Balls.

Honorary Game Balls

Over 30,500 fans showed up to watch the game and many of them came early to partake in some tailgating festivities. So Bomber fans that came out and tailgated…you get my Honorary Game Ball! (And yes, some of the fans were nice enough to offer me some of their BBQ food!)

Game Ball

If the game would have ended after the first quarter there would not be many Bombers worthy of a Game Ball. However, they significantly upped their play after the first half and there are many worth options.

The Bombers who are not known for losing often at home, dropped their game in Week 3 against BC at IG Field 30-6! I fully expected the Bombers to come out in Week 5 and put a beat down on the Stamps from the opening whistle. But that is not what happened. Case in point, Holm knocked down a pass that would otherwise have been a touchdown, yet an Nichols took illegal contact penalty on the other side of the field – which led to a Mills rushing touchdown putting the stamps up 10-0 after the extra point.

The Stamps came in to IG Field and shocked everyone putting up 11 points in the first quarter. It is not like the fans were quiet…they brought the noise. I would like to say it was all Bombers in the second quarter, but they were still having issues establishing their run game and Calgary was still getting their hands on Zach. How many times in past years had we heard Zach’s post-game interview with him saying, “I don’t think I was touched all night.”

It was near the end of the second quarter that it seemed to me that Winnipeg was going to make a game of it, when Collaros hit Greg McCrea for a huge touchdown strike. Yet it also felt, to me, that this was going to be a dog fight right until the end.

However the Bombers played considerably better in the second half! Whether it was a 103 missed field goal return – by McCrea – that almost went the distance, or a near 10 minute drive featuring Oliveira running at will when everyone knew he was going to run, or the offence live opening up run lanes and keeping Zach clean, or a remarkable interception by Houston near the beginning of the third quarter, or the terror of Willie Jefferson and Jackson Jeffcoat bearing down on Maier…the Bombers were a completely different team in the second half. If you are wondering how the Bombers’ players stats ended up you can find it right here.

There are many worthy Bomber players who could have received the Game Ball! Just check out the highlight video.

The Bombers were night day from the first half to the second half! My Game Ball goes to whomever in the Bomber locker room at half time spoke up and lit a fire under the Bombers! The Calgary Stampeders would not score a single point in the second half. The Bombers got the run game going, kept Collaros clean, and they put up 13 points in the second half.

Whomever lit that fire under the Bombers at half time, you get my Game Ball!


This is an easy one for me! Titus Wall gets the Jock!

While the game was mostly out of reach we have seen in past years, even this year, that the game is not over until it is actually over. Yet, near the end of the game Titus Wall took an undisciplined and selfish penalty to squander all hopes of a Calgary comeback.

I get it! Football is a physical and emotional game, but as the TSN panel often tells us if you want to play tough you do so between the whistles…not after the play.

I would also like to give an Honorary Jock to Calgary’s Micah Awe who was taking some liberties near the end of the game…again, not tough.

For your shortsighted and selfish play, taking away any chance for your team to come back…Titus Wall, you get the Jock!

Who do you think should have got the Game Ball & Jock? Let me know in the comments sections wherever you happen to be reading this.

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