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Winnipeg Blue Bombers Enjoy 7th Victory of the Season—Mid-Season Bombers Report

It kind of sums it up right there in the title, doesn’t it? But really, the last game solidified the fact that the Bombers not only showed up to play this season; they showed up to take the whole thing.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Defeat BC Lions 30-9

From QB, Zach Collaros to rookie kicker, Ali Mourtada (who has had some misses in recent weeks but had a great game this time), to an astounding defensive line that has been making news since the beginning of the season. The win was a big one and it demonstrated just what the boys in blue and white are capable of.

Mourtada nabbed three field goals and an equal amount of converts in the game, more than making up for past performances thus far this season.

And of the defense, BC Lions quarterback, Michael Reilly, was sacked a whopping total of five times.

via CFL /YouTube

The wonder that is Zach Collaros

via Torontocom

And what can be said of the man who threw an impressive 417 yards in the game? Perhaps that’s statement enough, dear readers. At least I hope it is. He is doing quite well indeed.

Sergio Schiaffino Perez makes history in the CFL

via Winnipeg Free Press

Sergio Schiaffino Perez also made his debut in an official CFL game playing for the Bombers, and what a game to play in, really. According to the Winnipeg Sun, he rallied through two training camps with the team and spent two years on the practice roster, he being with the team since 2019.

Head Coach, Mike O’Shea talked about what went down when he told the rookie the news that he’d be playing in Friday’s game against the Lions. He said:

“…I felt good telling him, as it would with any guy that you see working extremely hard…He said ‘I’m ready, I’ve been waiting for this.’ I said ‘I don’t think you’ve been waiting at all. You’ve been working your tail off to get this opportunity and I’m happy to have this opportunity to give it to you’…he’s got excellent feet, he’s tough, he’s got great football sense…He’s gonna run down on special teams for us and I’m sure we’re gonna like what we see. Everyone is excited for him…”

via Winnipeg Sun

Of the opportunity, Schiaffino Perez said:

“…I’m very excited, man…I’ve been working a lot to get this opportunity. In 2019, I was on the practice roster the whole year and it was kind of a learning year. But man, I’m ready to go now, make some plays, and try to help this team to win…”

via Winnipeg Sun

And also of note, it was an historic moment overall to be cherished, as his appearance makes him the very first “Mexican DB in history to play an official CFL game,” as Perez himself said.

Mid-Season Report

And perhaps the win is the best way to recap the season. The team suffered only one loss, and with so many players returning from injury after their bye week, it seems like they’re a new team altogether. Despite the fact  that they were already wining. It’s like they got only stronger, which means trouble for everyone else as it stands.

via CFL

They’re sitting tight at that number one spot in the West Division and if they keep playing like this, the Grey Cup shines brightly in the distance for them. They are hopeful, but level-headed to boot. They’re making the right moves, game by game, learning from their mistakes, even the individual players, as the Mourtada improvement shows, which also proves that he takes direction well, and if the defensive line keeps up as they have been, with Collaros keeping on as well….

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They won 7 of their games thus far, their only aforementioned loss coming from the Argonauts, whom they previously defeated in the season.

via CFL

They are set to face the Edmonton Elks on Friday, October 8th at 8:30 PM EST.



Player Position Pass. CMP Pass. ATT Pass. YDS Pass. TD Pass. INT Rush. ATT Rush. YDS Rush. TD Rec. Targets Rec. YDS Rec. Rec. TD
Zach CollarosQuarterback2833417200000000
Sean McGuireQuarterback010003410000
Andrew HarrisRunning back000001481021220
Nic DemskiWide receiver0000025057340
Johnny AugustineRunning back000001300000
Kenny LawlerWide receiver0000000014205121
Drew WolitarskyWide receiver0000000056840
Rasheed BaileyWide receiver0000000042331
Darvin AdamsWide receiver0000000032320
Brady OliveiraRunning back0000000011310
Total 2834417202093134417282


Player Position Pass. CMP Pass. ATT Pass. YDS Pass. TD Pass. INT Rush. ATT Rush. YDS Rush. TD Rec. Targets Rec. YDS Rec. Rec. TD
Michael ReillyQuarterback1727177001900000
Nathan RourkeQuarterback5855001400000
James ButlerRunning back0000025021120
Lucky WhiteheadWide receiver000001101000
Shaquille CooperRunning back000002-301310
Bryan BurnhamWide receiver00000000108270
Keon HatcherWide receiver0000000075440
Jevon CottoyWide receiver0000000054540
Jacob ScarfoneWide receiver0000000052320
Lemar DurantWide receiver000000001810
Shaq JohnsonWide receiver000000003610
Total 223523200716035232220

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