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Cut Down Day For The Bombers

It is always a day filled with a ton of emotion. Whether that is gratitude for the chance to come to training camp, anxiety on waiting to hear whether you are leaving or staying, or anything in between, players wait for the call.

There are a couple of realities with cut down day. First, some players just were not good enough to keep around. Second, you simply cannot keep everyone – so some players that could play at the CFL level get cut. That does however open the door for other teams. I guarantee you that other teams look around the league and highlight players that they will target if that player is cut from the team they were trying to make.

That could be good news for the Bombers as they still have some holes to fill.

As for the Bombers, their full list of last round cuts can be found here.

The Bombers also added 12 to the practice roster. One surprise for me is that they did not add QB Grainger to the practice roster. Not that Grainger had a good game, he did not.

Rather, if I am the Bombers, I am not sold on Terry Wilson. I might want to keep Grainger around to get another look – he had only been with the club for 5 days. So his outright release raises a few questions. Do the Bombers think Wilson is their third QB? Did Grainger ask to be released? Do the Bombers have another quarterback they have their target set on so there was no need to keep Grainger and Wilson?

Who was released from the Bombers that surprised you the most? Who do you think the Bombers should target – either a player released from another team or a player still not signed?

Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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