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Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Preview: Winnipeg vs. Calgary

The 3-0 Winnipeg Blue Bombers are set to face the 1-1 Calgary Stampeders.

It is a complete understatement to say the Bombers need the win! However, they are significantly banged up.

Schoen is not only out for this game. ..but out for the season! Maybe it is time to bring Stegall back into the fold. Or can Streveler produce some magic?

If you are interested in the Bombers’ “48 Hour Primer” you can find it here.

So how will the Bombers stack up against Calgary, here it is.

We will not blame you if you are not familiar with a lot of those names!

I believe it will take an absolute miracle for the Bombers to win! Why? Because Calgary is that good? No. Because Winnipeg is devastated with injuries.

Calgary has their own injury issues right now.

Calgary is coming off a lose in Week 2, but had a bye week in Week 3.

They must be looking at the Bombers as easy pickings and a game to get back to winning. The only way I see the Bombers beating Calgary is if Calgary completely underestimates the Bombers. Sometimes teams ‘play down’ to their opponents; and it will take that, plus an excellent game from Winnipeg to pull out the win.

In their loss to BC, Calgary had a very decent offensive outing!

Sure, Calgary’s ground game was not great, but so far Winnipeg has been torched in the air! Giving up close to 300 yards last week against BC. Calgary will definitely be looking to get their ground game going against a Bomber team that gave up just over 100 yards on the ground last game.

If the Bombers do not get to Maier; if they do not force some turnovers, it will be another long night for the Bombers and they will be sitting 4-0.

Does it sound like I have little faith in Winnipeg?

Well I still picked them to win!

Why? Because they are a better team than Calgary right now? No. I picked them simply because at some point the Bombers’ bad luck has to turn a corner, and I think it might be this game where that happens.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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