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Truth Bombs: Bombers Not Rushing To Bring People In

The Bombers have not been 0-3 since 2012; and now have a ton of injuries!

However, the Bombers have not rushed to bring in a ton of new players. Listening to Head Coach O’Shea, he says he is planning to bring back players they cut in training camp.

Ali Fayad will be one of those.

Outside of Ali, the Bombers have not yet brought anyone else back/in…and that should be concerning.

I expected that the Bombers were going to sign new players as early as Monday, but by Tuesday, Ali was the only one in.

The two best receivers for the Bombers; Schoen and Lawler are both out for a while. Schoen was a non-contact injury; and those are never good. In fact, O’Shea alluded to the fact that Schoen may be put on another 6-game injured list after the first 6 games pass by. That is not good news for the Bombers or their fans. Breaking news has Schoen out for the season!

Outside of receivers, the Bombers’ defense is also in a world of hurt. They let up a ton of yards and time against the BC Lions quarterback! And I called that. I said that if they do not get after Adams it will be a long night.

So why are the Bombers not bringing in D-Linemen? In the words of O’shea, it is not that easy to bring them in; we are not always sending them in straight lines. Honestly, that sounds like an excuse or faulty logic (the same reason he gave for not bringing in more receivers).

However, if players on the defensive line; and receivers take time to understand the plays and get on the field; that is exactly why they should have brought them in already! How long do you want to wait to bring those players in? Until you are 5-0; 6-1? Or maybe, and this is just me reading between the lines, O’Shea has no intent to bring in any real degree of help. But what if another receiver or player on the defensive line goes down; then what? That is why I would pull the trigger now and bring players in.

So where does that leave the 2024 Bombers? It leaves them hoping they can get some wins while they got guys on the shelf. It leaves them hoping that this is the end of their injury situation. And while the Bombers would never hope another team faces injury issues of their own, you can bet that they turn a corner soon with injuries.

Here is the thing. You never get to choose when injuries happen. You simply cannot say, “Well because we had our injuries early we will not have them later.” But I guarantee you that is what the Bombers and their fans are hoping. Because at the end of the day the record does not really matter. Sure there are easier paths to the Grey Cup game. But make the playoffs, and anything can happen. You do not have to look that far back to know what I mean.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section wherever you are reading this.

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