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Running Back Weekly: CFL Week 11, 3 Stars of Week 10

Brady Oliveira’s 110 yards rushing on 14 carries earned him first star of the week. There were some great performances by runningbacks in week 10. CFL running back rankings ahead of week 11 as well as the 3 Stars of the Week for week 10.

Stars of the Week:

1st Star: Brady Oliveira (WPG)

14 carries for 110 yards, 7.9 yards per carry, and 2 receptions for 17 yards and a touchdown.

2nd Star: Kevin Brown (EDM)

10 carries for 98 yards, 9.5 yards per carry.

3rd Star: A.J. Ouellette (TOR)

14 carries for 90 yards, 6.4 yards per carry, and 1 reception for a 12-yard touchdown.

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1. A.J. Ouellette, Toronto Argonauts, Previous Ranking #RB1

A.J. Ouellette rushed 14 times for 90 yards (6.4 average) and also added a 12-yard reception that was all YAC on a check-down that he ran for a touchdown. Ouellette had quite a few great plays in week 10.

Ouellette had a great run to the outside that he cut up downfield between some good blocks from Argo’s receivers before hurdling a defender on his way to a 27-yard gain. Had another good run to the right side for 9 yards cutting around a defensive back before pushing a couple of linebackers forward for 4 yards after the initial contact.

Late in the third quarter, he sidestepped a RedBlack defender in the backfield before rushing for a 7-yard gain and fighting for extra yards he was face-masked drawing an additional 15 yards.

Had a great run in the final 5 minutes run breaking a couple of tackles on his way to a 20-yard run.

2. Brady Oliveira, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Previous Ranking #RB2

Brady Oliveira rushed 14 times for 110 yards (7.9 average) and also caught 2 passes for 20 yards. He was consistently really hard to bring down generating a lot of yards after the initial contact very often.

Oliveira had a great play charging for the end zone after catching a screen pass in which he dove for the pylon to score the touchdown. In the third quarter Oliveira had a 15-yard run to the left and later in the same quarter ran 16 yards down the middle.

3. Ka’Deem Carey, Calgary Stampeders, Previous Ranking #RB1 (Prior to injury in week 1)

Ka’Deem Carey played his first game since getting injured in week 1 against BC. He had 7 carries while Dedrick Mills had 10 carries as Calgary eased him back into the swing of things. Carey rushed for 44 yards on his 7 carries (6.3 average). Considering BC has held their opponents’ starting running back to 1 yard per carry or less in 2 separate games this season, Carey’s game was very impressive.

Carey had a nice run for 9 yards near the end of the 1st quarter gaining additional yards after the initial contact from the linebacker. He later made Ben Hladik (who is really good at not missing tackles) miss a tackle on a short pass.

Had a good 8 yard carry going high over a low tackler and had good ball control as a defender punched at the football.

4. Taquan Mizzell, BC Lions, Previous Ranking #RB4

Mizzell rushed 12 times for 42 yards (3.5 average) and caught 2 passes for 4 yards and a touchdown.

Mizzell had a nice spin move to gain some separation at the line on a 7-yard run in the 2nd quarter. Another good 7-yard run near the end of the half cutting right to left making a tackler miss. The touchdown catch was a quick outright deep in Calgary’s territory which he caught the pass then bobbled it after a step and recollected it out of the air as he crossed the goal line pressing the ball against his helmet for maximum entertainment.

5. Kevin Brown, Edmonton Elks, Previous Ranking #RB7

Kevin Brown had 10 rushes for 98 yards (9.8 average) and a touchdown. Brown started the game with a bang running down the middle for a 65-yard touchdown exploding through a hole down the middle. He had another long rush for 17 yards down the middle in the first quarter. The low point of the night for Brown was a fumble that resulted in a turnover in the third quarter that came right after the Elks moved deep into Winnipeg territory with a 53-yard pass.

6. Dedrick Mills, Calgary Stampeders, Previous Ranking #RB3

Mills had 10 carries for 34 yards (3.4 average) and also caught 1 pass for 6 yards. His longest run was a 9-yard rush up the middle for his first carry of the night to close the first quarter. 4 of his 10 carries were 1 yard or less but that type of play has been common this season from the BC Lions’ run stoppers. Mills will likely see a decrease in carries moving forward with the return of Ka’Deem Carey.

7. William Stanback, Montreal Alouettes, Previous Ranking #RB5

Did not play in week 10 due to a hip injury.

8. James Butler, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Previous Ranking #RB6

Was on the bye in week 10.

9. Jamal Morrow, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Previous Ranking #RB8

Morrow had 18 rushes for 81 yards (4.5 average) and also had a 10-yard reception.

He had a nice 13-yard outside run taking it to the right side of the field for 13 yards breaking a tackle on the way. Another good run saw him break a tackle on an 8-yard run in the first quarter. In the 2nd quarter, he found a hole at the line and then some space beyond for a 13-yard run.

With the injury to Mason Fine, it will become increasingly important for Jamal Morrow to play at a high level for the Roughrider offense.

10. Walter Fletcher, Montreal Alouettes, Previous Ranking #Unranked

Fletcher rushed 15 times for 73 yards (4.9 average) and also had a reception for 68 yards. He had a nice-looking 4 yard run with a lot of bodies around 2nd quarter spinning off the first tackle. The reception was a massive play in the 2nd quarter on a screenplay for 68 yards with good downfield blocking. He had a 20-yard run shooting through a hole on the left after it opened up for 20 yards. In the 4th quarter, he had an 11-yard carry during which he made a tackler miss him. He also provided good pass protection at times throughout the game.

good pass protection

11. Devonte Williams, Ottawa Redblacks, Previous Ranking #RB9

Williams rushed 10 times for 47 yards (4.7 average) and caught 2 passes for 26 yards.

12. Jeshrunn Antwi, Montreal Alouettes, Previous Ranking #Unranked

Antwi and Fletcher made a great 1-2 punch for Montreal in a game without William Stanback. Antwi rushed 7 times for 47 yards (6.7 average) and a touchdown.

Antwi had a good run in the 2nd quarter carrying Larry Dean for a few extra yards after the initial contact on a 9-yard run. He broke a couple of tackles on an 8-yard run in the 2nd quarter. Antwi had a fantastic run in the 3rd quarter breaking a tackle on his way for a 19-yard touchdown run breaking a tackle near the line and powering through the safety for the last 2 yards needed for the touchdown. In the 4th quarter, he had a 9-yard run where he leaped over a defender to gain a couple of extra yards.

13. Andrew Harris, Toronto Argonauts, Previous Ranking #RB10

Harris rushed 4 times for 19 yards (4.8 average) with all carries coming on the same drive in the 4th quarter.

14. Shannon Brooks, Edmonton Elks, Previous Ranking #RB7

Brooks rushed 5 times for 23 yards (4.6 average) in the loss to Winnipeg. I like that Edmonton used somewhat of a split backfield in this game as Brooks is a talented running back and a split backfield can sometimes make the offense feel less predictable with different styles of runners and lessen the amount of wear and tear on one man playing one of the most volatile positions in football takes on their body.

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