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The CFL Mount Rushmore, Who Should Considered

The NFL did a special on NFL Films a few years back where various fans, writers, past executives, coaches, and players, had a debate on who should be on Mount Rushmore on each team. Why not do the same for CFL Teams.

For this, you might have a player who could be on 2 or more teams due to longevity in the league but played for various teams. (I.E. Doug Flutie can be on BC, Toronto, and Calgary. He won Grey Cups in both Toronto and Calgary), This is just one example of where he can be slotted for all 3 teams if you like.

It does not have to be all players. You can add a GM or a Coach as well. If you want to add an Honorable Mention(s), by all means, go ahead. Furthermore, you can pick someone even with a short stint, but left a mark in the years they played (I.E. Alex Singleton). 

Now let’s have fun with this.  


Geroy Simon.

All-time CFL leader in yards. Most career TD’s as a BC Lion.

Lui Passaglia.

Best all-time kicker and a BC Lions fan favourite. 25 years with one team. Unbelievable.  

Damon Allen.

Most yards threw for a BC Lions QB. Won a Grey Cup in 2000 for the BC Lions.

Wally Buono.

In my opinion the best Coach / GM in the CFL, and one of the best in football period.

Honourable Mentions: Mervin Fernandez, Jim Young, Emmanuel Arceneaux, Willie Fleming, Sean Millington, Roy DeWalt, Travis Lulay, Joe Kapp, Dave Dickenson, Solomon Elimimian, Adam Bighill, Corey Banks, Larry Crawford, James “Quick” Parker, Cameron Wake, and Brent Johnson.    


Jackie Parker. 

Well before my time. However, you cannot count out the players on what they have done in the past no matter what era. You will never see football now where players were multi-positional players like him. Jackie Parker was a Quarterback, Running Back, Defensive Back, and Kicker. He was part of Edmonton’s original dynasty in the ’50s. He is a Grey Cup Champion in 1954, 1955, and 1956.

Ricky Ray. 

Most passing yards for Edmonton. 2-time Grey Cup Champion while in Edmonton. One of the best Quarterbacks period.

Henry “Gizmo” Williams.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting players to ever play in this league. An amazing special team’s returner and Wide Receiver.

Normie Kwong. 

A foundational player who was part of the original Edmonton Dynasty. 9022 Rushing Yards, along with 72 Touchdowns. 4-time Grey Cup Champion in 1948 (Calgary), 1954, 1955, and 1956 (Edmonton).

Honourable Mentions: “Dr. Death” Dave Fennell, Warren Moon, Dan Kepley, Johnny Bright, Brian Kelley, Danny Bass, Larry Wruck, Larry Highbaugh, Willie Pless, Rod Connop, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Cutler, Tommy Joe Coffey, Johnny Bright, Ray Jauch, and Hugh Campbell.   


Allen Pitts. 

As a kid watching the CFL, he was a wide receiver that would be like what Jerry Rice was in the NFL. He always came up with catches. He was a go-to target and was Mr. Automatic. His yards after the catch were even better. He made it a long day for many defences. 2-time Grey Cup Champion, 14,891 yards receiving, and 117 Touchdowns.

Nik Lewis.

Another great Wide Receiver that donned the Calgary red for most of his illustrious football career. In his 1st 9 years in Calgary, he massed over 1000 yards. Another great receiver was similar to Allen Pitts on coming up with big catches, along with yards after the catch. 2-time Grey Cup Champion, 13,778 yards, and 68 Touchdowns.

Wally Buono.

Refer to BC notes.

Doug Flutie.

Without a doubt the most electrifying quarterback to play in the CFL. Whether it was in BC, Calgary, or in Toronto, Flutie was a player that was an instant game-breaker. Flutie was a player that would get the most out of every player who played on his teams. Cue up the YouTube Videos, and that’s all I have to say. 

Honourable Mentions: Alondra Johnson, Rocco Romano, Jon Cornish, Kelvim Anderson, Dave Sapunjis, Charleston Hughes, Will Johnson, Lloyd Fairbanks, Fred Childress, Johnny Bright, and Alex Singleton.   


In Saskatchewan’s Football History, no 2 players are not more intertwined than without mentioning Ron Lancaster and George Reed. They are Paul McCartney and John Lennon. They are Jimmy Paige and Robert Plant. Both are immortal in the history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

In keeping with this theme, I’m going with both Wide Receivers in Ray Elgaard and Don Narcisse. Part 2 of the Paige and Plant, and Lennon and McCarthy.

Honourable Mentions: Roger Aldag, Vince Goldsmith, Bobby Jurasin, Andy Fantuz, Rob Bagg, Darian Durant, Jeff Fairholm, Weston Dressler, Gene Makowsky, Dave Ridgway, Wes Cates, Kent Austin, Glen Suitor, Willie Jefferson, and Hugh Campbell. 


Milt Stegall. 

All-Time CFL Leader in Receiving Yards at 16,352, and Touchdowns at 144.

Bud Grant. 

The architect of the Winnipeg dominance by winning Grey Cups as a coach in 1958, 1959, 1961, and 1962.

Doug Brown. 

An electrifying Defensive Lineman that has been a cornerstone for a long time wearing the Winnipeg colours.

James Murphy. 

In the ’80s, one of the most electrifying Wide Receivers in the game. 

Honourable Mentions: Greg Battle, Barrin Simpson, Charles Roberts, Cal Murphy, Chris Walby, Andrew Harris, Ernie Pitts, Javon Johnson, James West, Ken Ploen, Tom Clements, Davis Raimey, Dieter Brock, and Matt Dunigan.


Russ Jackson. 

Best Canadian-born Quarterback to ever play in the CFL. Led Ottawa to Grey Cups in 1960, 1968, and 1969.

Tony Gabriel. 

Electrified fans in both Hamilton and Ottawa. Russ Jackson’s his favourite Wide Receiver. His CFL Totals are 9832 Receiving Yards, along with 69 Touchdowns.

Wayne Smith. 

The Captain of the “Capital Punishment” Defense.

Henry Burris. 

Long-time CFL Veteran with many teams. Hall of Famer. Put Ottawa on his back to a Grey Cup Championship in 2016.

Honourable mentions: Sir Wilfred Laurier, Sir John A. MacDonald, Alexander Mackenzie, Sir John Abbott, Sir John Thompson, Sir, Mackenzie Bowell, Sir Charles Tupper, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Sir Robert Borden, Arthur Meighen, William Lyon Mackenzie King, R. B. Bennett, Louis St. Laurent, John Diefenbaker, Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, and Justin Trudeau. 


Earl “The Pearl” Winfield. 

In the same boat of watching Henry Williams and Michael Clemons; with soon to be on this list in Brandon Banks. Every time Earl Winfield touched the ball, he would lift you off your seat. In the ’80s and ’90s, he was a top 4 – 5 player in this league that was a game-breaker every time he touched the ball.

Angelo Mosca. 

“King Kong” Mosca. The face of the Hamilton Defense in the ’60s and ’70s.

Garney Henley. 

Just like Jackie Parker of playing multiple positions, Garney Henley was just that. Probably one of the best all-around defensive players in the history of the CFL.

Less Browne. Interception King.

Honourable Mentions: Grover Covington, John Barrow, Joe Montford, Brandon Banks, Bernie Custis, Chuck Ealey, Bernie Faloney, Rocky DiPietro, Ralph Sazio, Joe Zuger, Hal Patterson, Tommy Joe Coffey, Paul Osbaldiston, Justin Medlock, Tommy Grant, Tony Champion, Danny McManus, Delvin Breaux, Simoni Lawrence, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Kerrigan, and All Bruno. 


Anthony Calvillo. 

All-Time CFL Passing Leader. 3-Time Grey Cup Champion in 2002, 2009, and 2010.

Marv Levy. 

Coached Montreal to Grey Cup victories in 1974 and 1977.

Ben Cahoon. 

13,301 Receiving Yards and 65 Touchdowns. A go-to guy in clutch moments.

Michael Pringle. 

All-Time Leading CFL Rusher. An amazing Running Back to watch.

Honourable Mentions: SJ Green, Brian Chu, Scott Flory, Tracy Ham, Chip Cox, Elfrid Payton, Marv Luster, Barron Miles, Davis Sanchez, Anwar Stewart, Hal Patterson, Peter Dalla Riva, Wally Buono, Sam Etcheverry, Sonny Wade, and Jamel Richardson.  


Michael “Pinball” Clemons. The only person I ever met who always has a smile on his face. He is Mr. Positive. Now, reference the same notes as Doug Flutie. The clips say it all. You know you have respect by Hamilton fans when you wear a Clemons jersey in Hamilton; the fans will say: “I hate the Argonauts with a passion, but I love Clemons”.

Dick Schatto. Great Running Back for the Argonauts. All-time leading Argonauts rusher.

Rodney Harding. Sack leader in an Argonaut’s uniform. He was a favourite to watch.

Doug Flutie. Reference Calgary notes.

Honourable Mentions: Chris Shultz, Don Moen, Gene Mack, Cookie Gilcrest, Bob O’Billovich, Matt Black, Dick Thornton, Mike O’Shea, Chad Folk, Paul Masotti, Dan Ferrone, Adrian Smith, Lance Chomyc, Mike Eben, Jim Stillwagon, Derrell K. Smith, Bill Symons, Derrell Michell, Terry Greer, Condredge Holloway, Clifford Ivory, Bashir Levingson, Byron Parker, Ricky Ray, Damon Allen, Ulysses Curtis, Reggie Pleasant, Orlando Steinauer, Kevin Eiben, Ed Berry, Ed Harrington, and Harrold Hallman. 

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Dino Sepe Reporter
Dino Sepe has been an avid sports fan since he was nine years old. He has read multiple books regarding sports history from various eras, the origins of the game, great dynasties, great coaches, and great players. Dino's experience in writing was obtained at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario through the Theater Performance program. As an avid football fan following the NFL, CFL, NCAA, and USports Football, Dino has been writing about the Canadian Football League in various capacities since 2019. In December 2021, Dino joined the CFL News Hub team. Dino is proud to be part of the CFL News Hub contributing team and looks forward to covering the Edmonton Elks going into the future.


  1. Tony Atkinson

    January 21, 2022 at 10:35 pm

    Lui Passaglia, Geroy Simon, Mike Pringle, Anthony Calvillo

  2. Garry Jones

    January 22, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    Great article by Dino “Chach” Sepe,,,,👍👍👍

  3. John H.

    January 23, 2022 at 4:09 pm

    Hard to take this seriously when Ken Ploen isn’t on Winnipeg’s mountain and Jack Jacobs and Leo Lewis don’t even get an honourable mention. It’s Dave not Davis Raimey and there’s no “c” in Shatto.

    • Dino Sepe

      January 28, 2022 at 2:08 pm

      Hello Mr. John H,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Thanks for reading my article.

      If I misspelled a players name, that is on me. I should have been more diligent.

      As far a some not getting an honorable mention in Jack Jacobs and Leo Lewis who are legendary in Winnipeg; there is no doubt that they both belong.

      There are a lot more that you can place on a Mount Rushmore and or the honorable mention.

      Off the top of my head I did not place Kelvin Pruenster. A great O Lineman for the Aros. Angus Reid. A great Centre for BC. Doug “Tank” Landry. A great LB. Started in Hamilton, but got better when he played for Toronto, Calgary and BC.

      For the most part, a lot of fans will have a lot of players on this list if they did their own Mount Rushmore.

      It is all up for debate.

      When you look at when the World Cup of Hockey, and or the Olympics (when pros do go for a best of best), its always up for debate from the fans perspective at times.

      Teams like Canada, U.S.A., Finland, Sweden, and Russia to name a few can build 3 – 3 teams with the talent pool at times.

  4. Dino Sepe

    January 28, 2022 at 2:10 pm

    Sorry. I meant 2 – 3 teams for hockey.

  5. Ryan L

    February 2, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    I feel like Paul McCallum deserves at least an Honourable Mention for the Lions

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