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Top 5 CFL News Twitter Accounts of 2023! Follow The Game

Canadian Football League fans, it’s a social media blitz out there! As a seasoned CFL pro football writer, I know that finding the most reliable sources for all things related to our beloved game can be a daunting task. Look no further! Here’s a rundown of the top five CFL Twitter accounts you should be following this season.

  1. @CFL_News
    • Followers: 37,200
    • Since: 2010
    • @CFL_News is a Twitter account dedicated to providing the latest news, updates, and insights related to the Canadian Football League (CFL), serving as a valuable resource for fans and followers of the league. This is a must follow and one of the best run pro football Twitter/X accounts.
  2. @CFL_Headlines
    • Followers: 17,500
    • Since: 2010
    • @CFL_Headlines is a Twitter account focused on curating and sharing the latest headlines, news stories, and updates related to the Canadian Football League (CFL), acting as a comprehensive source for CFL enthusiasts.
  3. @TSNDaveNaylor
    • Followers: 36,300
    • Since: 2009
    • Dave Naylor is a well-known Canadian sports journalist, focusing primarily on Canadian football, and serves as the CFL Insider for TSN, where he covers the league and provides in-depth analysis and insights.
  4. @FarhanLaljiTSN
    • Followers: 67,200
    • Since: 2009
    • Farhan Lalji is a seasoned sports reporter for TSN, covering the Canadian Football League (CFL) and other major sports, known for his extensive knowledge of the game and his work as a Vancouver bureau reporter.
  5. @CFLNewsHub
    • Followers: 5,600
    • Since: 2021
    • Of course we have to add ourselves to the list. @CFLNewsHub is a social media account from this site dedicated to providing the latest news, original content, updates, and analysis related to the Canadian Football League (CFL), serving as a hub for fans and followers of Canadian football.

Whether you’re a die-hard CFL enthusiast or just looking to get into the game, these five Twitter accounts provide an abundance of information, insight, and entertainment. In the ever-evolving landscape of the Canadian Football League, it’s these accounts that keep us in the know. Make sure you also following the leagues and teams twitter accounts.

So get those fingers ready, hit ‘Follow,’ and dive into the exciting world of CFL like never before! With the above accounts in your Twitter feed, you’ll never miss a beat. Leave other CFL accounts you think are worthy of a follow in the comments.

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Mark Perry Editor
Mark Perry is the founder and editor of CFL News Hub. A dedicated and experienced football analyst, he has been providing comprehensive coverage of the sport since 2018.
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