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Why the CFL Outshines the NFL: A Breakdown On Why Its Better

Many football fans from around the world ask why is the CFL is better than NFL for some football fans. In this article we break down the seven reasons why.

1. Unpredictability and Excitement

The Canadian Football League (CFL) brings a unique level of unpredictability to every game. With larger fields, fewer downs, and rules encouraging more offensive play, games are often high-scoring and see many dramatic lead changes. These differences make every down more critical and keep audiences on the edge of their seats. In contrast, the National Football League (NFL) sometimes becomes predictable, with defensive strategies often reigning supreme.

2. Accessibility of Players

CFL players often have a closer connection with their fanbase compared to their NFL counterparts. CFL players are generally more accessible to fans, interacting more frequently through community events, social media, and post-game interactions. This engagement fosters a strong connection between the team and the community, creating an intimate fan experience that the NFL, with its celebrity-like players, often lacks.

3. A Truly Canadian Experience

The CFL provides a sporting experience that is uniquely Canadian. This is reflected in the cultural traditions tied to the league, such as the “Labour Day Classic” and “Grey Cup” celebrations, which hold a special place in Canadian culture. Unlike the NFL, the CFL offers a patriotic experience for Canadian fans, contributing to the league’s charm and appeal.

4. Player Development Opportunities

The CFL offers a platform for player development that is often superior to that of the NFL. NFL rosters are loaded with talent, and many players never get a chance to see meaningful playing time. However, in the CFL, players have more opportunities to prove their abilities on the field, and many NFL stars have honed their skills in the CFL before making successful transitions.

5. Less Commercial Interruptions

CFL games generally have fewer and shorter commercial breaks than NFL games. This allows fans to enjoy a more seamless game-watching experience with fewer interruptions. While commercials provide revenue for the leagues, the extensive number of ad breaks during NFL games can become overwhelming for viewers.

6. Unique Rules and Game Play

CFL rules differ in ways that make the game faster-paced and more exciting than the NFL. For instance, the CFL allows all offensive backfield players to be in motion towards the line of scrimmage before the snap, leading to a variety of creative plays. The 3-down structure, larger field, and ‘rouge’ scoring system add intriguing strategic dimensions that are absent in NFL games.

7. Affordability and Family Friendliness

CFL games tend to be more affordable and family-friendly than NFL games. NFL game tickets can be exorbitantly priced, limiting accessibility for many fans. However, CFL tickets are generally more reasonably priced, allowing more families to attend and enjoy games together.

While the NFL undeniably has a larger global audience, the CFL offers a more unpredictable and exciting game, deeper community connections, a unique Canadian identity, better player development opportunities, fewer commercials, a unique rulebook, and a more family-friendly environment. These factors make the CFL an exceptional football experience, standing toe-to-toe with, and often outshining, the more globally recognized NFL.

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Mark Perry is the founder and editor of CFL News Hub. A dedicated and experienced football analyst, he has been providing comprehensive coverage of the sport since 2018. In March 2021, he further expanded his reporting scope to the Canadian Football League. Mark continues to share insightful analysis and updates on all things CFL, adding to the lively conversation surrounding the sport. Contact him directly at

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim Cushman

    September 21, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Plus…there have been some big hits in the CFL…not here in the NFL…it’s become “touch football”…in the NFL…RB’s run out of bounds on almost every play…receivers catch the ball and fall down…no “yards after the catch”…no “fair catch” calls…too much STUPID DANCING…not so in the CFL. My wife and I watch as many games here in the States…She and I are big fans!

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