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European League of Football Considering Altering Kickoff Rules For 2022

According to ELF reporting source ‘Foot Bowl,’ The European League of Football’s Commissioner, Patrick Esume, recently appeared on German television and mentioned the possibility of changing the league’s kickoff rules for the 2022 season.

While it is currently unknown what exactly is on the table regarding rule changes, fans have been quick to highlight the success of the ruleset used in the XFL for their 2020 season, developed by former XFL Director of Football Operations Sam Schwartzstein.

What made the XFL’s kickoff so great was that the changes not only made the play much safer, but they’d keep the play exciting as well, arguably making them more exciting. On over 400 kickoffs attempted, not a single injury occurred with Schwarzstein’s kickoff rules, and 93% of the kicks would be returned rather than let go for a touchback.

The Schwartzstein ruleset gained praise from throughout the world of football, with many analysts and fans hoping they’d see some of the league’s changes adopted by the NFL at some point.

While there’s currently no confirmation as to what exactly Patrick Esume and the ELF are thinking regarding rule changes, Sam Schwartzstein has publically expressed his interest in helping the 2nd year league.

Breakdown of the XFL 2020’s rules by former XFL Head of Officiating Dean Blandino:

Get Up! – ESPN Praises XFL Rules:

Former XFL CEO and Comissioner Oliver Luck Talks XFL Rules With Pat McAfee:

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