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2023 CFL Grey Cup Championship Odds and Predictions

As CFL fans witnessed the competitive landscape of the first few weeks, it became apparent that the early days of this season wouldn’t be without its twists and turns. Despite the Winnipeg Blue Bombers starting their campaign with an outstanding performance in their initial games, recent losses have led to adjustments in the odds board.

With Week 13 now behind us, all eyes are on the 110th Grey Cup set for Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton, Ontario.

Spotlight on Team Prospects

Toronto Argonauts (+140)

The Argonauts have been a highlight this season, carrying an impressive 9-1 record. Their seemingly invincible run met a hurdle in Week 9 when the Stampeders handed them a defeat. Yet, their robust point differential of +114 keeps them firmly in the lead in the East and justifies their status as the Grey Cup’s top pick at +140.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (+170)

Coming off the near-historic opportunity in 2022, where they stood a chance to become the first team to win three titles since Edmonton’s feat in the 1980s, the Blue Bombers have had an intriguing season. With major players like Jackson Jeffcoat and Winston Rose continuing to be integral parts of the team, Winnipeg’s defensive prowess is evident. 

After an initial five-game winning streak, the Blue Bombers experienced a setback in Week 13. Still, with Zach Collaros leading the plays, this team cannot be underestimated.

BC Lions (+425)

The BC Lions have undergone significant changes, but these shifts seem to work in their favor. Even with the exit of Nathan Rourke to the NFL and Bryan Burnham’s retirement, the Lions are showcasing their strength. Entrusting Vernon Adams with the offense has proven to be a sound decision. 

His 2022 stats speak for themselves. With an 8-4 standing, the Lions are firmly positioned behind the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

For those intrigued by the idea of wagering on the outcomes of these games, the changing team prospects and historical trends offer an array of opportunities. Fans eager to engage in this thrilling aspect with more American football markets opening up.

Grey Cup Trends 

Since the merger, Edmonton has distinguished itself by securing 11 Grey Cup titles. Another intriguing observation is the infrequent alignment of the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player with a Grey Cup win, a phenomenon that has materialized a mere four times since 2010. 

Additionally, the league’s history is rare, where champions have successfully defended their title the subsequent year, occurring only ten times.

A Decade of Grey Cup Championships

Over the past decade, the dynamic CFL landscape has experienced notable shifts, witnessing several teams ascend and descend in their quest for dominance. 

Seven of the current nine teams have secured the Grey Cup within this period. Leading the pack, the Toronto Argonauts boast an impressive 17 Grey Cup titles, the most in the league’s history. In contrast, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have consistently made their mark with a record 26 appearances in the championship. 

In 2022, the Toronto Argonauts seized the title, besting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, while the latter team triumphed over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2021. As the anticipation for the 2023 season builds, enthusiasts and analysts are keenly observing which team will carve out a distinguished spot in this year’s Grey Cup chronicle.

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