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5 College Football Stars To Watch Out For This Season

We are in Week 6 of the college football season, and although every player will be doing their best to push their team through to the next round, many players will also be thinking of their MVP nomination.

It’s too early to tell which player will win the Heisman award yet, but the 5 college stars below have been making strides that we cannot ignore.

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1. Israel Abanikanda – Pittsburgh Panthers

Last week was one that Abanikanda will remember for years. This running back proved himself to be the star of the show by carrying the ball 177 yards through 19 touches. In the end that brought the junior 4 touchdowns, and helped him win the game.

154 of those yards came to him through overtime, as Abanikanda pushed through URI for the touchdown the Panthers needed.

Abanikanda carried his team through to the win, and has made himself known to scouts and the opposition alike!

2. Will Anderson Jr – Alabama Crimson Tide

Without a doubt, Anderson is the best defensive player in college football. The fact that this linebacker was able to stop KJ Jeffersonin his tracks and even force him to the ground, is enough to show you just how powerful he is.

So far Alabama has won every match of the season, and each of those matches contained Will Anderson in defense. As long as Anderson doesn’t get injured, we can easily see the Crimson Tide washing over the other teams for a total wipe-out victory.

All of Anderson’s strength has made him a top prospect for the NFL already, and with his 5 stacks and 0 fumbles, Anderson’s future is looking bright.

3. Blake Corum – Michigan Wolverines

For the past two seasons, Corum has been a stand-out player, and this season is exactly the same. Last week alone, Corum carried the ball 30 times, and on that journey, he made 243 yards with 2 touchdowns.

If we look at all of the active running backs in the season, Corum is ranked at number 7 which is insane considering his numbers. This season Corum has completed 735 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns.

Last year he reached 952 total, so seeing how this season is going, Corum might be able to break his own record.

4. Jaren Hall – BYU Cougars

Let’s keep these stats coming as we move on to quarterback Jaren Hall. Hall has completed 1,558 passing yards this season with 14 touchdowns and 2 intercepts.

Last season Hall ended his final match with 2,583-yard passes in total. This means that Hall is on his way to matching his previous phenomenal year giving us even more stellar performances.

Each season Hall is becoming more and more efficient with his passes, completing 71% of all those he attempts.

Unfortunately, BYU lost to Oregon and Notre Dame which means they may not be reaching the playoffs this season, but Hall still has time to show off his skill and earn a Heisman nomination.

5. KJ Jefferson – Arkansas Razorbacks

We have mentioned Jefferson briefly already, but this well-loved player needs his own space to shine. Jefferson is considered the heart and soul of the Razorbacks’ team, as he has managed to rush for a touchdown in every single game this season.

This doesn’t make Jefferson a selfish player though, as he is an apt and efficient passer, completing almost 70% of his attempts. The difference is that Jefferson can predict when he can complete the touchdown by himself, or if his teammates have a more successful chance to bring cheers from the crowd.

So far this season Jefferson has completed 1,096 passing yards and 9 touchdowns. Compared to last year, Jefferson ended the season with 2,676 yards and 21 touchdowns, meaning this season Jefferson needs to pick up the pace to beat his own records.

However, we have faith that Jefferson can continue making strides in the game, as long as the Razorbacks can keep themself in the running.


Each of these players has tremendous potential and they are actively pushing their team toward greatness. You should keep your eye on every one of these players, as any of them would be worthy of the Heisman trophy.

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