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Are There Gambling Ads in the CFL?

The Canadian Football League is one of Canada’s major sports leagues. Like every other entity, advertisements and sponsorships are crucial revenue streams. The popular channels for advertising in the CFL are television broadcasting, stadium adverts, and jersey sponsorship. Likewise, there are individual event, team, or league-wide sponsors. CFL games attract massive viewership. As a result, many companies and businesses hustle for a spot. The goal is to attract sponsors to support the league’s operation and player salary. Hence, advertising campaigns and sponsorships can vary every year. But does the grace extend to sportsbooks and casinos? Find out if the Canadian Football League permits gambling advertisements in our post.

Does the CFL Support Gambling Ads?

Are there gambling ads in the CFL? The short answer is yes. However, it involves some technicalities and gray areas. The Monterey Allottees rep Bet 99, while the Ottawa Redblacks wear Pointsbet on their jersey. The laws in Canada vary from one jurisdiction to another. Likewise, there are many casinos, bookmakers, and sportsbooks in the country. This review outlined casinos with fast withdrawals up to 1 hour, some of which sponsor CFL teams. Moreover, here you can read about the top online Canadian casinos which offer a fast cashout process so everyone can play their favourite games without worrying about long waiting periods for transactions to be completed. In turn, teams and players display their ads. Advertisements exist in different forms. The popular ones are:

  • Television commercial.
  • Stadium signage.
  • Jersey sponsorships.
  • In-game promotions.
  • Player endorsements.
  • Radio advertisement.

Gambling advert and sponsorship have been a highly contentious subject in sports entertainment. The CFL entered into a partnership with the Ontario government and sports betting operators recently. As a result, it became the first professional football league in North America to enter such an agreement. With this move, offering legal sports wagering services on games became legal. Provinces like Alberta and British Columbia allow operators to sponsor teams and events, including the CFL. Nonetheless, there are guidelines to promote responsible gaming and protect the sport’s integrity.

On September 21, 2023, The CFL welcomed 888 as the newest official authorized gaming operator and advertising partner in Ontario. Earlier, in 2021, the league entered an official partnership with BetRegal. Likewise, the Ottawa Redblacks announced their partnership with Pointsbet Canada, becoming the first team to do so. Soon, The Edmonton Rlks followed and partnered with Sports Interaction.

How the CFL Benefits from Gambling Sponsorship and Advertisement

Legalizing betting advertisements allows the CFL to generate considerable income without compromising core values. Likewise, they promote responsible gaming in online casinos, offer sports wagering services, and build relationships with operators. Some other accrued advantages include:

  • Greater financial stability.
  • New audiences.
  • Decrease of betting stigma.

The Ugly Part of Legalizing Adverts

The increase in problem gambling is one of the reasons the industry has frowned on betting advertisements for a long time. Although most people gamble within their means, the legalization means risking addiction or spending more than they can afford to lose. Plus, online casinos are becoming popular for many reasons. Hence, it can lead to disastrous consequences for families and communities. Apart from this, there are concerns about sponsorships undermining sports integrity.

The CFL condemns match-fixing and other types of cheating. However, critics argue that the presence of gambling companies signals that the league is compromised. Even if it is not, there is no way to distinguish legitimate concerns from conspiracy theories.

A Win-Win for Everyone?

The CFL allows gambling advertisements within teams and on a national level. Most notably, the Ottawa Redblacks have earned substantial sponsorship income from their partnership with sportsbook businesses. The team has expanded its marketing reach while earning more revenue.

Gambling sponsorship allows teams to target potential customers through digital campaigns, radio spots, and online advertisements. Sponsors provide exposure, leading to more income from ticket and merchandise sales. Sponsoring CFL teams increases brand visibility and audience engagement for operators. Bookmakers run promotions and special events tied to the team, show community involvement and leverage cross-promotion.

Ontario Health calls for restrictions on gambling ads during sports broadcasts despite the benefits. Not only this but using celebrities in betting advertisements. Neither active nor retired players may be used except to advocate for responsible gaming practices.


Canada’s CFL gambling advertisement is a delicate subject. Operators and teams are getting more creative amid Ontario’s stricter rules. One such is banning athletes, celebrities, and anyone promoting betting to kids. The bombardment of gambling-related advertisements has helped drive billions of dollars in wagers since its legalization in 2022. However, the effects on individuals and the risk of addiction and problem gambling have led to calls for restrictions. As a result, operators are employing subtle methods such as jersey sponsorship and focusing on responsible gaming. The ultimate result will depend on specific partnership terms and actions taken by the league to address potential concerns. As the CFL continues to evolve, we anticipate how these partnerships develop and their impact on the sporting world.

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