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How to Bet on the Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League is a popular and entertaining sports event. It involves everything from high-adrenaline action to strategic calls that can turn a game around. Despite not being as big as the NFL, the CFL is gaining traction as a lucrative event for gamblers.

Learning how to bet on CFL games is easy. It’s like wagering on American Football, albeit having a few key differences. The best football betting sites in Canada listed at offer multiple options for sports fans. They boast various markets, lots of bonuses, and secure payments. But doing so requires some key knowledge, which we’ve laid out in our curated tips.

Be Informed of the CFL Schedule and Features

Successful sports betting is highly dependent on making correct and well-time calls. Therefore, knowledge of the event’s schedule is the foundation. The CFL season starts in mid-June and continues until the end of November. There are 9 teams in total, playing 18 games each. After the regular season, the top 6 sides enter the playoffs. The three rounds of the playoffs include the Semifinals, Finals, and the Grey Cup Championship match.

Choose the Right Types of Football Bets

Sports bettors must know the bet types out there. These are tied to CFL betting odds. Most wagers in both the CFL and NFL revolve around the favorite and the underdog. The former is given a handicap to make the wager fair. Let’s say that Team A has a higher chance of winning than Team B. Placing a bet on Team A would be safer, so the betting odds will be designed to offer a lower reward if you win. Alternatively, Team B has a lower chance of success, and the reward will be greater if you bet on it.

Once you understand how odds and betting markets function, it’s time to select the most rewarding wagers. The common ones are:

  • Moneyline: This is one of the easiest CFL bets to make. You pick the side you think will win. The example above relates well to moneyline wagers. Stronger CFL teams have higher odds of winning but lower rewards, while the opposite applies to the underdogs.
  • Parlays: If you know the football betting market confidently enough, a parlay may interest you. They are done by combining multiple wagers, and the best thing is the potentially huge wins related. But it’s also the riskiest bet type because you must win all your wagers to be successful.
  • Point Spread: For this bet, one team gets a virtual points handicap, and the other gains an advantage. The favorites win by the specified number of points for the bet to succeed.
  • Totals (Over/Under): Another easy NFL and CFL betting type is Over/Under or Totals. You must predict whether the combined score of a game will be over or under the number that online sportsbooks have specified.
  • Props: Gamblers predict how a player will perform. The metrics include the number of touchdowns, passes, or rushing yards a certain player will accomplish during a game.

Benefit from Lucrative Bonuses

Betting on the Canadian Football League (CFL) comes with the enticing opportunity to benefit from lucrative bonuses. These bonuses can significantly boost your wagering potential, allowing you to maximize your returns while enjoying the thrilling CFL action. Some typical bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonus: Gambling sites offer cash and/or free bets to new players when they sign up. A welcome bonus is excellent for wagering without using a single dollar of your own.
  • Better Odds: New gamblers usually receive enhanced odds. This increases your chances of winning even if your stake may get limited. Still, it’s a great way to earn some real money instantly.
  • VIP Club: Many sportsbooks have a special loyalty bonus that rewards recurring users. The more you bet, the more benefits you get. These include higher staking limits, improved odds, and more generous bonuses.

Be Up-to-date

Sports betting requires a sharp eye on player stats, team formations, etc. Staying updated on the latest news is one of the most important football betting tips you’ll find anywhere. For instance, key team members may get injured during a game or even in practice, leading to last-minute substitutions. You don’t want to bet on a quarterback who might not even play to complete 5 home runs! Also, note who’s benched and might be called during a match. Maybe there’s a sleeper pick there that no one’s thinking of. Making such calls is risky but could bring massive returns if you nail them. To stay on top of it all, follow breaking news sites that report on the CFL because sportsbooks are often slower to provide updates.

Take into Consideration the Location and Weather

We can’t talk about betting on football in Canada and not consider the weather. Many parts of the country face harsh winters and early snowfall. If a game is held in such a region, it’ll likely affect player performance. A heavy spell of rain or snow might turn everyone’s predictions upside down. Another disruptive natural element most gamblers fail to consider is wind. Strong gusts may completely throw off a team’s passing or kicking abilities, adding unpredictability to the game. Install a weather app on your phone and track changes to ensure your bets are as informed as possible. And don’t discount home support either. Sometimes, all it takes is a supportive crowd to pressure the visitors and give an edge to their side.

Try the Best Football Betting Sites

Choosing a proper platform to bet on comes first. Look for a proper license to confirm it’s a legit website. Many sites are operating against regulations, so it’s vital to avoid them. Here’s a list of reputable platforms for you:

  • Bettilt.
  • BC.Game.
  • Hot.Bet.

They have valued licenses, excellent mobile support, many bonuses to enjoy, and a host of casino games to play alongside betting. Try any of these and see if it meets your expectations before investing a lot of money.

Final Notes

It’s not difficult to bet on the Canadian Football League when you get the complexities of sports gambling. Learn how odds work, what kind of bet to place, and how to make the most of bonus funds, and you’ll have a good time. Always stay updated on the latest happenings too. Various pre-game incidents, news, and other events stand to alter the odds significantly. This can be used to your advantage by exploiting this knowledge properly. And remember to have fun during the process rather than chasing huge wins!

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