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Game Day Getaways: Planning a Football Road Trip Across the USA

Do you remember how cool it is to go to a game during the NFL season? Yes, cheering on your favorite team brings a lot of nerves but no less pleasant memories. Such emotions remain for a long time, and it’s not surprising that many want to set off on a football road trip in order to repeat the thrilling experience again. Are you one of these adrenaline junkies? Then we are here to help you plan the football ride of your dreams!

Whether you are an avid fan of a particular team or just love to watch live the masterful play of professionals, you will get a lot of enjoyment. So, let’s take a journey across major USA football destinations with our helpful tips at hand.

Create the perfect route 

All sports travel adventures begin with creating a route for your future trip. However, this route must be in harmony with the games you are going to visit. Therefore, the first essential thing in preparing for such a ride is exploring the NFL schedule. 

What does it mean? For example, imagine how one day you decided to go with your friends to watch the game of the New England Patriots in Boston and then head to NYC to see the New York Giants battle for the championship. The most balanced solution in this case would be renting a van in Massachusetts and driving to the Big Apple on a set of wheels. Then, you can add more football destinations to your trip, but adjust your itinerary accordingly first. 

Plan your time 

Games take place every Sunday throughout the 18-week-long NFL season. If your goal is to go to one match, calculate the approximate time for getting between points A and B, and select the optimal time for departure. Friday to Sunday or Sunday to Monday may be an excellent period for your future trip. The first option allows you to spend a fun-filled weekend at your destination. At the same time, prefer the second option if you have limited time.

Think about housing in advance

Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to face before the long-awaited game starts is finding accommodation. With a high probability, last-minute deals don’t make sense in this case and the best solution is to book the room in advance. 

Indeed, popular football destinations are packed with fans on game day. This means you will find it incredibly difficult (virtually impossible) to catch lodging at a reasonable price. Therefore, start searching long before your trip. Also, we recommend you prefer hotels near the stadium – this allows you to enjoy the festive pre-match atmosphere and return faster after the game is over.

Make a travel list 

Watching a rivalry between two teams is an undeniable pleasure, but is it the only reason you have covered hundreds of miles? So, the smartest thing to do is to expand your travel experience by visiting local attractions. 

For example, you arrived at the Miami Dolphins game on Saturday morning and have at least 1 day for leisure. Head to the nearest beach, visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and explore the Art Deco Historic District – these are just a few of the options you can take. 

Actually, your travel list depends on your preferences and free time. Therefore, choose the best places you want to visit in your destination. Plan your budget accordingly as the most interesting attractions and activities require a certain admission.

Choose the right transportation method 

The distance to the desired stadium affects the preferred transport option. To cover higher mileage, consider air travel. For shorter hauls, a car will be the optimal solution. 

If you are planning to hit the road with friends, explore all the available large-group transportation options. USA van rental services offer the best value for money. Moreover, they make it possible to enjoy the open road together and share experiences along the way. 

Thus, we recommend that you take advantage of driving a spacious 10- or 12-seater for an easy and budget-friendly trip. How to rent a 12-passenger van? Simply select a deal from your desired company and complete your booking. Of course, many other vehicle types – from economy and compact to mighty SUVs and stylish luxury models – are at your disposal. So you can find the right-sized option for your specific needs.

Summing it up, NFL game day trips give you an extra chance to cheer on your favorite team or simply enjoy an exciting game between two rivals. The festive in-stadium atmosphere, the enthusiastic screams of the fans, and dozens of other spectacular match-day activities will make your heart beat faster. Whatever destination you opt for, get ready for a unique experience, and take the time to plan your next trip with our simple guide at hand!

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