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Best Of The Best CFL Teams Competing In This Year

CFL, the Canadian Football League is one of the longest-standing professional football leagues in the whole world. It has been catching the interest of so many spectators around the world with its exciting tournaments and fierce rivalry among different teams. CFL is not only for the football freak, but it also excites people who love to gamble on football. If you are also among the people who are waiting for the CFL not for watching but to gamble, there’s big news for you. Now you can easily bet on every match on the CFL at GGbet betting site, as it is the best online casino that provides amazing betting odds on CFL matches or any other sports for all its users. But before doing so, you should have known about the teams that are constantly participating in the CFL.

Teams Of Canadian Football League

There are basically nine teams that participate in the Canadian Football League, with five in the West Division and four in the East. Here we have brought up all the teams in the Canadian football league so that you can know more about them.

CFL Teams With East Division

There are four teams that belong to the East division, which are;

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, one of the best teams in the CFL that have assembled more impressions in the championship game of the Canadian Football League named the Grey Cup. They have achieved a total of six wins to their name. Apart from that, they have also recorded as the most defeated in the Grey Cup with fourteen.

  1. Montreal Alouettes

Montreal Alouettes are playing as a team for their second season after a hiatus of 9 years from 1987 to 1996. The Montreal Alouettes have triumphed over the Grey Cup six times and were defeated eight times in the finals. Montreal Alouettes currently use a stadium named Percival Molson Memorial Stadium that holds an accommodation of 20,025.

  1. Ottawa Redblacks

Ottawa Redblacks was first founded as the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1876, and it was among the longest-running franchises in the league until 1996. The Ottawa Rough Riders had gained nine victories in the Grey Cups. But later the new franchise of Ottawa insisted on choosing a new name, and then it was recorded as the Ottawa Redblacks in 2014. And after their comeback as Ottawa Redblacks, they have achieved two wins. Recently, they have moved into the TD Place Stadium which has the capacity of 24,000.

  1. Toronto Argonauts

Toronto Argonauts is the last East Division team in the CFL, which has existed since 1873. It has now been known as the Argonauts in every season of the official Canadian football. The Grey Cup 2017 was the tenth appearance of the Toronto Argonauts in the championship game. Its games are held in BMO Field, which has 25,000 capacity.

CFL Teams That Belong To The West Division

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There are five teams in the CFL that belong to the West division, which includes;

  1. BC Lions

The Lions franchise entered the Canadian Football League in 1954, which made it the youngest team in the league and has been consistent since then. Their delinquent Grey Cup win was in 2011, which gives them an overall record of 6-4. They use the BC Place having 54,320-capacity.

  1. Calgary Stampeders

 Calgary Stampeders first originated in 1945 and have won the first Grey Cup in 2018 and then again in 2008. Its home games are held in McMahon Stadium which has an accommodation of 35,400.

  1. Edmonton Elks

Edmonton Elks stand as the current champs in the CFL after winning the Grey Cup in 2021. The franchise was first established in 1949, and they have also taken up a new moniker for the 2021 campaign. With the highest capacity of the league, Commonwealth Stadium is the home field for Edmonton Elks.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

With a total appearance of fifteen, Winnipeg Blue Bombers have won nine Grey Cup. With the Ottawa Rough Riders, the Blue Bombers are tied for second place all-time among Canadian Football League’s clubs. The Blue Bombers use a stadium named IG Field, which has an accommodation of 33,234.

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders have existed since 1910, but their enactment in the CFL has been rugged. Their appearances in the Grey Cup are the rarest among functional teams. Saskatchewan Roughriders presently use a Mosaic Stadium where 33,350 fans can be seated.

Final Words

Every team in the CFL aims to win the championship and all the players give their best to attain it. This competitive spirit of players participating in the CFL creates a fierce rivalry among the teams which is the main thing that excites the viewers.

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