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Canadian football: features of the game and specifics of betting

Rugby is considered the ancestor of Canadian, as well as American, football. However, the development of this sport in the two countries proceeded independently. Therefore, the Canadian interpretation of football has significant differences from the American one. First of all, the field size is 110 x 65 yards, which makes the Canadian version closer to rugby standards. The goal is located at the front of the end zone, not at the back. The number of players in a team is 12 people. When placing a bet at Pinup bookmaker, you must take into account significant differences in the rules of the game. In particular, this concerns the awarding of points, which in a certain way shapes the bookmakers’ schedule.

Main differences in the rules of Canadian football

In Canadian football, an attack (overcoming 10 yards) is given three attempts. In this case, the third attempt should be a strike. Points in Canadian football are counted differently than in American football:

  • 1 point for stopping a player (single);
  • 2 points if the stop is made in the end zone of the team in possession of the ball;
  • 3 points – effective shot on goal;

Open field is a unique game situation that is typical for Canadian football, remaining in the rules of rugby. It means that at any time in the game, players can shoot at the goal with the corresponding number of points awarded in case of a successful hit. However, such a game situation is not encouraged in professional meetings, so it may be excluded from the rules soon.

During the regular season, meetings can end either in a victory for one of the teams or in a draw. For the first outcome, there are 2 points, for the second – 1.

Canadian football has special playoff rules for overtime play-offs. Teams start a standard attack (from 35 yards), and the winner of the game is the one whose attack is more effective. This is one of the main differences from the American version, where the golden goal rule is practiced.

CFL – Canadian Football League and its structure

As of 2024, the Canadian Football League has two divisions, West and East, with 4 and 5 teams respectively.

Eastern Division




Hamilton Tiger-Cats



Ottawa Redblacks



Toronto Argonauts



Montreal Alouettes



Western Division





British Columbia


Calgary Stampeders



Edmonton Football Team



Saskatchewan Roughriders



Winnipeg Blue Bombers




In addition to standard bets on the outcome, handicap, and total, betting on quarters and halves is practiced in Canadian football. As statistics show, even an outsider can easily win a quarter against the championship favorite. There are also specific bets on statistics. For example, the number of yards a quarterback can gain in an entire game, or the maximum number of yards per attack. In Canada, betting on the number of field goals, touchdowns, and safety situations per game is popular.

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