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CFL 2022: get prepped for Canada’s proudest sporting season

Canada’s proudest sporting season is upon us. It’s a time when passionate sports fans come together year after year to cheer on their favorite teams and participate in the spirited and exciting competition that defines the CFL 2022 season. You may think that the 2022 CFL season is only for die-hard sports fans, but we’ve been doing our research and we’re here to tell you that there’s a lot more to love about this sport than you might expect.

Whether you want to learn about the teams and get informed about the games – or just get a social group together that will share the seasonal experience with you – there are plenty of ways you can dive right into the spirit of this sport. In fact, if you’ve never been a fan of football before, it’s time to give the game a chance.

The passion that Canadians have for the CFL spills over into other parts of their lives – even those who don’t like sports find themselves getting excited about these games. The sporting spirit and love of gaming is in many ways similar to how you feel when playing online casino games on the best online slot sites in Canada!

So how can you prepare for Canada’s proudest sporting season? Check out the tips below.

How to prepare for Canada’s proudest sporting season

The Canadian Football League’s season is just a few weeks away, and we’re already getting pumped. The first game of the season is June 10, so if you’re going to get prepared, you’d better start soon by checking out the 2022 CFL schedule.

Here are a few things you can do to get ready for what is sure to be the most exciting season yet.

Check out this year’s teams

Gearing up for Canada’s proudest sporting season is a rite of passage that all Canadian residents should experience. If you haven’t tried it, now is the time to join in the fun.

This year’s CFL teams are looking more impressive than ever. We’ve got the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the West Division and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the East Division. If you want to learn more about each team, go ahead and check out some recaps from last season or get a sneak peek at this year’s players.

Know your teams

You need to know your teams. First, learn about each team and its players so you have someone to root for. Sign up for online games that let you test your football knowledge as you laze around at home. What are the names of the players? Which players are competing for MVP awards? Who is most likely to be traded before next season?

Check out all of the game summaries and recaps from last season so that you can look over past games and become an expert on what went down last year. As a bonus, study the CFL history so you can impress your friends with all of the trivia knowledge you’ll gain.

We have some pretty intense rivalries going on here in Canada, so you don’t want to be caught showing up at a party in your city’s opposing team colors – you might get kicked out. But what if you pitch up in your team’s colors? You just might score yourself a free beer or two.

Make plans with friends

In addition to being one of the most popular sporting seasons of all time, the CFL season also provides an opportunity for community-building, friendly competition and big laughs. You’ll want someone to celebrate with when your favorite team wins it all (again).

I don’t need to tell you that when the CFL rolls around each year, it’s the perfect time to put your feet up and spend some quality couch time with your buds (you can do this literally or virtually – it’s up to you).

When you’re watching the games together, there’s nothing like a good brag session – you know what I’m talking about. “Oh, man, did you see that last play? That guy is going places!” And then next year, when he’s in the Super Bowl? You can be like, “Yeah, I saw him play back when he was just a rookie! Told ya!”


Be sure to rally a group of people who will share this amazing experience. Hosting or joining a game day party where everyone brings their favorite dish or snack is a great way to get friends involved, and who knows – you may just find that one of them has been hiding their true passion for Canadian football the whole time. Get excited! This is going to be an incredible season.

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