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CFL Air Quality Controversy: Debate Stirs on Labour Day Classic

The Labour Day Classic in the Canadian Football League (CFL) is an event steeped in tradition, known for its intense rivalries and highly anticipated matches. However, this year’s face-off between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Elks was met with controversy beyond the field. The crux of the issue was not a disputed call nor a heated exchange but rather concerns over air quality. As smoke from nearby wildfires hung heavily in the air, disagreements flared between the CFL Players Association (CFLPA) and the league’s administration over handling this situation. This blog post will shed light on the intricacies of this disagreement, delving into the details that have sparked debate across the league.

The Grounds of the Dispute

The root of the dispute lies in the clash of interpretations between the CFL and the CFLPA on what constitutes ‘safe’ air quality for a football game. On the Labour Day Classic day, Calgary’s Air Quality Health Index readings fluctuated between levels 8 and 10, signaling high risk. Despite these readings, the game proceeded as scheduled, leading the CFLPA to declare that the league had “broken the agreement” on halting games during high-risk air quality situations. Many of the players noticed the smoky conditions and voiced concerns about the potential long-term impacts on their respiratory systems.

The CFLPA’s Stance and Actions

The CFLPA’s response to this situation has been decisive and proactive. Executive Director Brian Ramsey argued that the league’s decision to proceed with the game was a clear breach of the agreement.

Given these circumstances, the CFLPA has taken steps to address this issue on multiple fronts. It plans to bring these concerns to the Occupational Health and Safety Centre in Alberta, amplifying the players’ voices and demanding that necessary precautions be taken. Furthermore, the CFLPA also intends to meet with the CFL commissioner to discuss this issue. These efforts aim to ensure that the situation witnessed during the Labour Day Classic does not recur.

Historical Context: Air Quality Concerns in the CFL

The air quality issue has been a recurring concern in the CFL, with the league facing similar situations. Since 2019, air quality problems have surfaced several times due to the wildfires that have swept across Canada. Teams such as the Stampeders and the Elks, positioned at the lower end of the CFL’s West Division, have experienced this issue in previous seasons. These situations have often cast a cloud of uncertainty over scheduled games, putting the league’s decision-making under scrutiny.

Despite the recurring nature of this situation, a definitive protocol to address such occurrences has yet to be established. This lack of a concrete action plan has frequently led to disagreements between the league and the CFLPA, with the latter advocating for player safety.

The ongoing dispute over the Labour Day Classic is the latest manifestation of this long-standing concern. The resolution of this issue will not only impact the future of the current season but also set a precedent for how the league responds to similar situations in the future.


The air quality controversy that surfaced during the Labour Day Classic in the CFL has brought a critical issue to the forefront – the importance of player safety in the face of environmental hazards. The concerns raised by the players and the CFLPA underline the need for clear, stringent, and enforceable protocols to be put in place to ensure their health and well-being.

The league’s response to this situation will set a precedent for how similar incidents are handled in the future, not just in the CFL but potentially in other sports leagues worldwide, including NFL teams. One thing is clear – the resolution of this dispute will have far-reaching implications, emphasizing that the arena of sports cannot remain impervious to the environmental challenges of our times.

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