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CFL Fantasy Football – Tips Strategies and Players to Watch

CFL Fantasy Football is gaining steam and should be on your radar this season. With many of the same rules as NFL fantasy, this game provides a great way to watch your favorite players while winning cash prizes each week.

The field is much bigger in the CFL than in the NFL, which allows teams to score more points throughout a game. One player to look for is running back Lucky Whitehead of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.


As any fantasy football fan knows, monitoring injuries and practice reports is an important part of any preparation. While it may seem like a lot of work, these details are critical to the success of your fantasy squad.

Unlike the NFL, CFL teams do not have a lot of depth at the quarterback position. This is why it is essential to draft a quality starter early in your Game Set. Choosing the wrong quarterback can have devastating consequences for your roster just like when you play casino, you have to choose the right judi slot when you are wagering.

Normally loaded with firepower, the West Division tends to provide some of the top CFL fantasy sports talents. Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg players are some of the best bets for scoring points this season. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are another solid choice.


The CFL season has a similar structure to the NFL but there are some differences that can make a difference in fantasy football. For example, there is a different scoring system and it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with that before betting on games.

Unlike the NFL, which has multiple teams in every division, the CFL has fewer players and it can be harder to find high-upside players. That being said, it’s still a pass-happy league that can produce thrilling action for daily fantasy sports enthusiasts.

It’s often a good idea to wait on placing CFL bets until close to kickoff. This is because there’s less of a focus on these games and the lines won’t move as quickly. Also, if a game is canceled or postponed, only statistics from the original slot gacor game will count in Game Sets containing that game.


Like the NFL, CFL games are prone to weather issues which can affect scoring and game time. With this in mind, it is wise to keep an eye on the weather forecast when considering bets on CFL games.

As a pass-happy league with only three downs, there is an emphasis on high-upside quarterbacks paired with top receivers. However, there are a number of additional ways to accrue points in the CFL through kickoff and punt return opportunities as well as a rouge scoring option that is exclusive to the Canadian game.

The smaller-sized CFL field and fast-paced passing offenses add to the thrilling action offered in daily fantasy football contests. However, this may lead to smaller prize pools as most CFL dally leagues only feature nine teams compared to the twelve in the NFL.


While the CFL is smaller than the NFL, it has begun to enjoy a greater profile in daily fantasy sports contests on sites like DraftKings. This is because of the league’s fast-paced passing offenses and more exciting action on special teams that result in more scoring opportunities.

It’s also important to remember that CFL games include a three-minute warning at the end of a half or game, which provides more opportunities for scoring in the last few minutes than the NFL. This is especially true for kickoff and punt returns.

Another tip is to consider betting on live games to take advantage of their updated odds. Oftentimes, CFL lines move quickly when significant weather events affect passing, kicking, and return games. If you’re interested in wagering on a CFL game just like wagering on slot online, check out DraftKings Sportsbook, which offers a great selection of sports, competitive odds, and a generous welcome offer for new players.


It is important to keep in mind that special teams play a huge part in fantasy scoring in the CFL. This is especially true because the field is larger and returners are able to easily outrun would-be tacklers. Taking advantage of this is crucial for a successful team and will help you win your leagues.

Sacks are also a big part of defensive fantasy scoring. Depending on your league’s scoring system, you can earn up to two points per sack. In addition, the CFL also allows a rouge which is a one-point score that can be earned on certain plays.

Many fantasy owners avoid drafting a D/ST until the later rounds of the draft. Instead, they may opt to stream defenses based on their matchups. This can be a great strategy, but it is important to remember that the D/ST rankings are always changing.

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