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CFL Nation Unite: How to Follow Your Team (and the League)

CFL fans, listen up! Whether you’re a superfan or just getting into the game, this guide is your ticket to touchdown town. Let’s explore all the ways to rock out for your favorite team! In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about following your favorite team. We’ll also cover embracing the CFL experience. Let’s dive into the heart of CFL Nation.

Watching CFL Games

To keep up with what’s happening with your team, you have to watch the awesome Canadian Football League games. Here’s how:

  1. Television Broadcasts

To watch CFL games, turn on the TV! Channels like TSN and RDS show the games in Canada. Just check your local TV guide to know where your team’s matches will be. You can also use the CFL schedule on their official website to help plan when you want to watch.

  1. Streaming Services

Various online platforms offer CFL game coverage for those who prefer the flexibility of streaming. TSN Direct, for example, allows you to stream live CFL games online. Some streaming services may require a subscription. Explore your options based on your preferences and budget.

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How to Follow the CFL

1. Deciphering the CFL Landscape

Before starting your CFL journey, familiarize yourself with the league’s structure. The CFL comprises nine teams, each representing different cities across Canada. These teams are the BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Elks, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa REDBLACKS, and Montreal Alouettes.

Understanding the geography and team dynamics sets the stage for an enriched CFL experience. Whether you’re from the prairies or the maritimes, each team brings a unique flavor to the league. This makes it a truly national sporting spectacle.

2. Mastering the CFL Season Schedule

The CFL season typically kicks off in June. The big event at the end is the Grey Cup in November, and it’s super exciting. To follow all the fun, get the official CFL schedule. It tells you when each team plays during the regular season and playoffs. This guide helps you catch all the exciting moments. Also, watch out for special events like the Labour Day Classic and the Banjo Bowl.

3. Navigating the Digital Gridiron

In the age of smartphones and social media, it has never been easier to follow your favorite CFL team. Embrace the digital gridiron. Explore official team websites, social media accounts, and the CFL’s official platforms. They offer live updates, player interviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Many teams also have dedicated mobile apps. These apps provide fans with instant access to news, scores, and interactive features. These apps bring the CFL experience right to your fingertips.

4. Engaging with CFL Fandom

CFL Nation is more than just watching – it’s like being part of a big community. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are like online meeting spots. Fans express their passion, thoughts, and joy on these platforms.

Consider joining local fan clubs or attending CFL-themed events in your area. This is in addition to participating in the digital realm. These gatherings create an electric atmosphere often at tailgate parties and Grey Cup watch parties. They foster camaraderie among fans.

5. Immerse Yourself in CFL Culture

No true fan is caught on the sidelines without their team’s jersey! It’s like wearing a superhero cape, but for showing off your CFL love. Whether it’s the classic home jersey or a funky alternate one, rock it with pride and cheer like crazy! You can proudly display your support on game day and beyond.

Furthermore, familiarize yourself with CFL traditions that add charm to the league’s culture. Each team has unique customs. For example, there’s the iconic touchdown horse in Calgary. Also, there’s the passionate “Rider Nation” in Saskatchewan. These customs contribute to the rich tapestry of Canadian football fandom.

6. Fantasy Football in the True North

For those seeking a more interactive and strategic CFL experience, delve into the world of fantasy football. Many platforms offer CFL fantasy leagues. You can assemble your dream team, compete with friends, and test your football acumen. This adds an extra layer of excitement to each game. You cheer for your team. You also cheer for the individual players contributing to your fantasy success.

7. Supporting Your Team Beyond the Stands

Being a part of CFL Nation goes beyond merely cheering from the stands or tuning in on television. Actively support your team by attending games, whether in person or virtually. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the stands, soak in the atmosphere. 

Participate in chants, and revel in the collective energy of the crowd. For those watching from home, organize watch parties. Invite friends over. Create a game-day experience that mirrors the intensity of the stadium.

Also, consider investing time and resources in grassroots initiatives. They support youth football programs. They also support community outreach efforts led by your favorite CFL team. Contributing to these endeavors strengthens the bond with your team. It also enriches the lives of those in the community.


In the big world of Canadian football, joining CFL Nation is like going on an exciting journey. Figuring out how the league works, getting into online fan stuff, and cheering for your team in special ways all add to the awesome Canadian football experience.

And being a CFL fan isn’t just about who wins or loses. It’s about the fun times we share, the things we always do, and the friends we make that make CFL Nation strong. So, put on your team’s colors, cheer loud with your friends, and let Canadian football bring us all together in the great north, proud and free!

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