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Crucial Insights for NFL Betting Success: Neds Blog Exclusive Tips

As we approach the final six weeks of the regular season, we find many teams battling fatigue and injuries to reach the finish line. Injuries, while an inevitable factor in American football, have been particularly damaging this season, especially for Quarterbacks. Presently, we see six starting QBs sidelined on injured reserve, with nearly as many hobbling, uncertain for play, or sidelined due to underperformance.

This season feels more like a survival of the fittest than a test of domination. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we are in for a treat, as every team will be taking the field! In a first, we also have a game scheduled for Black Friday (or Saturday for us). Ensure your fantasy lineups are ready. After reviewing each market, conducting numerous Madden simulations, and scouring the waiver wire for potential fantasy stars, we are ready to present the analysis for Week 12 of the NFL.

Make sure to stay informed with the latest NFL tips on Neds blog before making your football wagers. This way, you can make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success.

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

Week 12 of the NFL opens with a thrilling match in the NFC North. The formidable Lions, boasting a solid 8-2 record, will be welcoming their divisional adversaries, the 6-5 Packers, to their den. Despite the Bears applying pressure to Detroit last week, it’s hard to envisage the Packers mounting a similar challenge. The odds have been set at 7.5, putting the Packers at a significant $4 to claim victory – a grim prospect for Cheesehead fans.

The Packers narrowly defeated the Chargers last week, but they’re up against a different beast with this Lions squad, notorious for their prowess on both offensive and defensive lines. Expect Lions to cover the spread at -7.5, offering $1.90. The recommended Same Game Multi is $3.85.

Key player performances to watch include Jared Goff throwing for over 250 yards at $1.72, Jahmyr Gibbs rushing beyond 50.5 yards at $1.90, and Amon-Ra St Brown recording over 60 receiving yards at $1.20.

Dallas Cowboys V Washington Commanders

The theme of divisional rivalries continues this week, with an NFC East bout between the Cowboys and the Commanders. The Commanders are shaking off recent defeat at the hands of the remnants of the New York Giants, a blow that could potentially dampen their spirits as they prepare to clash against the formidable 7-3 Cowboys.

Washington has showcased commendable performance this season; notably, Sam Howell stands as the lead in passing yards, a feat no one predicted at this point in the season. However, this might not be sufficient to triumph this week. The Cowboys’ defence, revered for its prowess, delivered a crushing blow to Bryce Young last week. It is plausible that Sam Howell could face a similar fate.

For the betting enthusiasts, consider placing bets on Cowboys with a -11 spread at $1.90, CeeDee Lamb to exceed 75 receiving yards, and Dak Prescott to make 3 or more touchdown passes.

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ERS

As the Friday night lights turn on, our attention shifts to the last of the triple-header games, where the NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, prepare for a face-off. The 49ers, led by Brock Purdy, are on a roll, with Purdy delivering a flawless performance last week, achieving 21 out of 25 passes for 333 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns. Can the Seahawks rise to the challenge presented by this formidable 49ers team? It seems unlikely.

Despite a decent season record of 6-4, they stumbled last week against the Rams. To add salt to the wound, their quarterback, Geno Smith, is battling an injury with limited recovery time. The prediction here is that the 49ers will secure a comfortable victory.

Betting Recommendations: Go for 49ers with a -6.5 spread at $1.90, wager on Brandon Aiyuk achieving over 60 receiving yards, and consider betting on Christian McCaffrey as an anytime touchdown scorer.

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins

This week, history is being made with the first-ever game on Black Friday, where the Jets will be entertaining Miami in what could potentially be a lopsided match. The Jets have benched Zach Wilson, and with Miami’s known affinity for capitalising on struggling teams, the odds seem to be in their favour.

Tim Boyle is expected to step into the quarterback role for the Jets, with Breece Hall being the only hope for New York. If De’Von Achane is benched this week, Raheem Mostert might just run riot against this Jets team. Despite boasting one of the best defences in the NFL, the Jets might struggle to contain Miami’s potent offence.

Betting Recommendations: Consider going for Dolphins with a 14+ spread at $2.40, placing bets on Tyreek Hill as an anytime touchdown scorer, and Raheem Mostert as an anytime touchdown scorer.

Tennessee Titans V Carolina Panthers

Despite their lacklustre performance this season, we are venturing out on a limb to suggest that the Panthers stand a chance against the Titans. A string of disappointing displays this season has seen the Panthers’ receivers struggling to break free, their offensive line unable to shield Bryce, leading to the first overall pick making some regrettable plays.

However, the Titans are on a losing streak, having been defeated three times consecutively, and showing signs of vulnerability throughout the season. They do not have an impressive record in sacks, just a notch above the Texans – the only team the Panthers have managed to defeat this season.

With some strategic fine-tuning for this week’s game and reduced pressure at the line of scrimmage from the Titans, the Panthers may seize the opportunity.

Here are our bets: Panthers for a head-to-head win priced at $2.60, Bryce Young to exceed 250 yards in passing, and Adam Thielen to score a touchdown at any point in the game.

Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars

In this week’s standout matchup, the Jacksonville Jaguars fresh off a comeback win last week, are set to face CJ Stroud and the ever-enticing Texans. This season, the Texans have managed to steal the heart of every football enthusiast. Priced as slight outsiders at $2.05, the Texans are definitely in with a shot. The Jaguars have indeed demonstrated their potential this season, but they’ve also revealed a worrying inconsistency with their performance.

The Texans, boasting a 4-1 home record this year, have a slight edge going into this game. The Jaguars were formidable last season, but no one has really managed to intimidate this Texans team on their home turf this year.

Recommended wagers include: Texans for a straight win @ $2.05, CJ Stroud expected to throw for 275+ passing yards, and Trevor Lawrence also predicted for 275+ passing yards.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The prospects for Cincinnati seem grim, to say the least. To be more precise, their situation appears dire. Just as momentum was building, a new injury to Joe Burrow has ruled him out for the rest of the season, which likely extinguishes their postseason aspirations.

This week, Jake Browning will step in as the Bengals’ quarterback. However, his odds against a Steelers team, freshly invigorated by a change in their offensive coordinator and consistent defensive prowess, seem unfavourable.

Here are our betting recommendations: opt for a Steelers head-to-head win at $1.87, wager on Jaylen Warren achieving over 70 rushing yards, and consider Jaylen Warren as an anytime touchdown scorer.

New York Giants V New England Patriots

This week brings us a significant match-up, though perhaps not for the reasons most would anticipate. The struggling 3-8 Giants will welcome the 2-8 Patriots to their home turf, a game that is likely to heavily influence the early draft picks come year-end.

The Giants managed to clinch a victory against the Commanders in their last game, owing largely to Saquon’s incredible efforts and a standout performance by Tommy DeVito. Nevertheless, the defence of the Patriots is expected to present a formidable challenge. Given the Giants’ limited strategies, the game could swing in the Patriots’ favour quite easily.

It is likely that this match will draw the attention of high-profile players such as Caleb Williams and Drake Maye.

Betting Recommendations: Patriots with a -3 spread priced at $1.90, and consider betting on the game’s total points to be under the predicted line.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints

This match is a real toss-up, with each team priced at $1.90 to win. The results will significantly impact the race for the NFC South. Both teams’ Quarterbacks are dealing with injuries, which complicates the analysis. Furthermore, Arthur Smith doesn’t seem to fully utilise his offensive resources.

We’re inclined to favour the home team, with hopes of seeing Bijan receive 20+ carries. Should this happen, the Falcons are well poised to secure the victory. Our betting suggestions are as follows: Falcons for a head-to-head win @ $1.90, placing bets on Bijan Robinson and Alvin Kamara to score a touchdown at any point in the game.

Indianapolis Colts vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite the Colts being favoured at $1.72, we wouldn’t place all our faith in them. The Buccaneers showcased great resilience against the 49ers last week, managing to keep the contest extremely close. Even though the final score displays a 13-point victory for their opponents, the Buccaneers demonstrated remarkable tenacity throughout the match. That’s why I’m predicting a Buccaneers win against the Colts.

While the Colts are currently on a two-game winning streak, victories against the Patriots and the Panthers hardly appear formidable this season. We are placing our hopes on Baker this time around.

Our betting suggestions are: Buccaneers to win head-to-head at $2.15, wager on Baker Mayfield surpassing 250 passing yards, and bet on Baker Mayfield achieving 2 or more passing touchdowns.

Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns

Are the Broncos finally hitting their stride? Recent performances certainly suggest so. They’ve been on a roll, bagging four consecutive victories against formidable teams like the Packers, Chiefs, Bills, and even staging a dramatic comeback against the Vikings last week. This week, they’re up against the Cleveland Browns, steered by Dorian Thompson-Robinson.

The odds seem heavily tilted in the Broncos’ favour for this game. It appears Russ has been refining his skills in the off-season, and it’s starting to show in the games. It’s high time we let him take the lead.

Betting Recommendations: Consider the Broncos with a -2.5 spread priced at $1.90, and a wager on Jerry Jeudy achieving over 60+ receiving yards.

Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams

Before the season commenced, we seized the opportunity to back the Cardinals, who were set with a win line of 4.5. At the time, the presence of Kyler on the field was uncertain. Now, however, he has returned in full force, exhibiting his usual stellar form. While the Cardinals couldn’t clinch a victory last week, they now have another week with Kyler at the helm, boosting their chances to triumph over the Rams. The Rams have displayed an inconsistent performance this season, and with Kupp’s injury, they might struggle. We forecast Kyler to have a field day against their lineup.

Here are our betting suggestions: opt for a Cardinals head-to-head win at $1.90, wager on Kyler Murray achieving over 250 passing yards, and bank on Hollywood Brown to score a touchdown at any time during the game.

Philadelphia Eagles V Buffalo Bills

A few months earlier, the anticipation of this game would’ve been palpable. Now, I’m confidently projecting a 14+ scoreline in favour of the Eagles. Philadelphia has maintained a forward momentum this season, including an impressive triumph over the Chiefs, where they managed to neutralise Mahomes effectively.

Now, they face Josh Allen, who’s been prone to turnovers? The game could potentially tilt heavily towards Philadelphia. The Bills are grappling with significant issues that, in our belief, the bookmakers haven’t fully considered yet. After AJ Brown’s underwhelming performance last week, we don’t expect a similar outcome in the upcoming game.

Our betting recommendations are: Eagles to lead by 14+ @ $4.20, AJ Brown to achieve 75+ receiving yards, and wager on Jalen Hurts scoring a touchdown at any point.

Las Vegas Raiders V Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs might be feeling the sting after a scoreless second half in their face-off with the Eagles. This week’s AFC East clash in Vegas is set to be thrilling, especially for fans of the Netflix show, Quarterback, who are eagerly anticipating the Mahomes vs. Crosby matchup.

Although the Chiefs are the favourites with odds of $1.20, we don’t foresee them dominating the game. The Chiefs haven’t been sweeping their opponents off the field this season, with only one victory of over 14+ points against the Jags. Bearing in mind the Raiders’ strong pass rush, it seems prudent to predict a Chiefs win within a 1-13 range.

As for our betting suggestions, consider: Chiefs 1-13 @ $2.13, Travis Kelce securing 80+ Receiving Yards, and Isaiah Pacheco achieving 60+ Rushing Yards.

Los Angeles Chargers V Baltimore Ravens

The Los Angeles Chargers have been underperforming this season, not fully utilising the exceptional skills of Justin Herbert. Their current performance leaves much to be desired, and there’s a likelihood that their fortune may dwindle further when they face-off with the Ravens. Despite the Ravens’ loss of their top performer, Mark Andrews, they possess a sufficient depth in their passing game. Earlier in the season, when Andrews was sidelined, Zay Flowers emerged as a strong force, and we anticipate a similar scenario in the upcoming game.

We recommend: Ravens +3.5 @ $1.90, wager on Zay Flowers achieving 75+ receiving yards, and place your bets on Zay Flowers scoring a touchdown at any point in the game.

Minnesota Vikings V Chicago Bears

As we conclude an eventful Week 12, the spotlight shifts to the Vikings, who are set to host the Bears in a crucial divisional clash. Last week, Justin Fields made a notable comeback, imparting a much-needed spark to the Bears’ offensive front as they tenaciously matched strides with the Lions till the final whistle.

Meanwhile, the Vikings suffered a surprising downfall with a last-minute defeat against Denver. Given the current momentum, the Bears seem poised to snatch a victory in this game. Fields has already exhibited his prowess, and if the Vikings continue their lacklustre performance from last week, we see a potential upset. Hence, we recommend backing the Bears.

The recommended bets are: Bears +3.5 @ $1.90, Justin Fields to achieve 50+ rushing yards, and Josh Dobbs to secure 40+ rushing yards.

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